Rainbow Six Seige

Rainbow Six Siege is not a new game but has gained a lot of hype and in my opinion the most fun game that I have right now. The only thing I don’t like about this game is their is so many things you have to buy with money. The game is hard because if you don’t play a lot you will never be that great because it is hard to learn and become good. I have played this game a lot and I still am not as good as most people.

How to Play the Game

There are 3 types of game modes; secure the area where you have to capture the enemy zone, hostage where you try to save or protect the hostage, and plant and defuse the bomb. There are many operators in the game, the characters you use, and they each have a special thing they can use to their advantage.



Mute- He is not the best but his gadget is a box you place by a door so the attackers cant find the objective.

Smoke- He places a smoke that hurts the attackers if they walk through it.

Tachanka- This operator is the worst in the game. You place down an lmg and wait for people to shoot.

Kapkan- He sets a tripwire down that blows up when an attacker walks through it.

Castle- Places metal barricades instead of wood ones for better protection.

Pulse- Has a sensor that can sense peoples heartbeat to track them.

Jager- Has a really good gun and the gad

Bandit- He places a box that if people walk by they get shocked.

Doc- Has a gun that heals people and can revive yourself if you get knocked out.

Rook- Places down a box full of armor to give to your team.


Thatcher- Has a grenade that disables traps in the area.

Sledge- Has a sledgehammer that breaks through walls.

Thermite- Has a really good gun and is the only one who can break through reinforced walls.

Ash- Has the best gun in the game and can break walls from a distance.

Glaz- Has the only sniper in the game and that is his special ability.

Fuze- Places a gadget that shoots bombs into a room.

Twitch- Has a special drone that tases people and damages them.

Montagne- Has a shield that can extend and protect him.

Blitz- Has a shield that can flash people.