fortnite new update Valentines day

The new fortnite update is here and it could not be better than this. There have been many new updates, but the new costumes and the new gun is amazing. The costume is designed just for Valentines day and the new weapon is very special. The new weapon is the Crossbow.  I will now talk about the new updates.

The costumes: The new costumes are awesome. The first one is a statue that is made of cement and has pink pants. I like this one because it can take more damage. The new costume is very special because it is available for a limited time only. There is also a very special costume, which is the pink teddy bear. The costume is new and most people don’t know about it yet. I personally like the teddy bear more because it is more advanced and makes you look like a cuddly fortnite player. The new updates only come out during the big holidays or events, like the Olympics they had new costumes for 8 different countries. The countries in the Olympics were people on the snow. They were dressed in their countries colors and had ski costumes on.

Weapons: To spice up the competition they put in a mini gun. The mini gun has 1 disadvantage, it has to charge up before you use it for 4 seconds and then fire away. I love the mini gun because when you try to take down a building someone built it makes it easier to destroy it and watch the person come falling down to there death. I have not been able to get this weapon before, but from people I have played with they tell me that the gun is awesome. The gun is a crossbow. The crossbow can shoot from far away and does significant damage to the person you are trying kill. I am so excited to use this weapon because my fortnite friends have told me that they are unstoppable. I play with youtubers and they have videos of them playing with the gun and winning over and over and over.

Shooting Test #1: Fortinte has rolled out there latest update for shooting and falling damage. Before the update the aim assist was on and it was easier to kill people, but now with the new mode the shooting becomes even harder than before and the risk of losing health due to jumping off a hill has increased.

I can’t wait to play these new update sand I could not encourage you more to play the game and finally fall in love with something.