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Do Ferrets Make Good Pets?

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Ferrets make good pets because they are playful, affectionate, intelligent, cute, and curious. They are very energetic even though they sleep most of the day away. Ferrets are very social, which means they can be trained to get along with dogs and cats, but with other animals, not so much. Even though a new ferret takes up more experience and time than people realize, which many not be suitable with a house with small children or new pet owners, they do make wonderful and cute pets. Ferrets are very intelligent, which means they can learn tricks, develop kind behavior, and be trained to use a litter box like cats. They also need to be taught the basic rules of the house just like kittens and puppies.

Ferrets have been known to sometimes bite people, specifically younger ferrets. This usually occurs if they are frightened, haven’t been handled properly, and have been poorly socialized with. Even though they can be properly trained to go to the bathroom, they also need to be taught not to bite and nip people. Ferrets need to be vaccinated for heart-worm or distemper, which is why it’s important to schedule a checkup and medical care on a regular basis

. Ferrets usually have a life-span of 7 to 10 years, which means that they need to be loved and cared for. However, most people get one thinking that they only live for a couple years, but then realize that they live much longer then what they thought, which then leads the ferret to getting re-homed. If you are wanting to own a ferret, it is critical and important that you get them neutered. It is important to do this because female ferrets stay in heat until they mate, but if they do not mate, then it can lead to high vet bills and detrimental health conditions. The same goes for male ferrets, if they aren’t neutered, then their temperament changes.

Ferrets also can be kept outside in climates that are warmer, but they are generally kept indoors. They are also easily prone to heatstroke if they are kept outside for too long. Ferrets should also be kept in a secure and safe cage, which should be no smaller than 3 feet and no longer than 2 feet. Ferrets do not shed, and they will not tear up your furniture. They need to be bathed at least once a month, as well as regular grooming such as ear cleaning, nail clipping, tooth brushing, flea prevention and treatment. Even though ferrets take a lot of work to care for, I think they would make wonderful pets.

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Do Ferrets Make Good Pets?