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Feudalism and Manorialism both started in the middle ages of Europe. They both have their differences and similarities in different ways. Feudalism is a the lord to vassal system that started between the 5th and 12th centuries. Feudalism appeared because of a weak central government after Charlemagne’s death. In feudalism a lord that has land and is in need of protection. It was a way of structuring society around relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labor. So the lord gives land or in other terms a “fief” to a person for loyalty and protection. The person that receives the land is now called a vassal. Now the vassal gives a small land to a warrior/knight in return for protection to him and his lord. Now the knight will use peasants to farm on their land and will be able to keep some of that food and for protection. Feudalism the process is mainly the giving of land in return for protection.

Now Manorialism.  Manorialism was a very important element to the feudal system. It was the major rule of the economy. Manorialism was characterized by the economic power in a Lord of the Manor, supported from his own direct landholding in a manor. A manor is the lords home and his main source of profit. Manors were very important in feudalism because this the lords main central place, in his manor. Many things were going in a manor most important agriculture. Serfs or otherwise known as farmer peasants, were a big part in Manorialism. Without them Manorialism wouldn’t exist. “Serfs were bound to the the soil” which means that they were property of the lord. Their only job was to farm to provide food for the lord and some of that food for themselves. With serfs lords never had a short supply of food. Manors became small towns to themselves. Knights were also big part in both systems. Knights provided protection for only people that could afford it like lords or nobles. Knights were warriors in Europe. In the feudal system vassals gave knights land for their loyalty to the vassal and the vassal’s lord. Knights were crucial for putting castles under siege, for wars, and defending a castle too. Knights were crucial to how vassals or lords gained land. In Manorialism knights were protecting Manors and their lord from invasions or sieges. All in all the two systems were very important during the medieval age of Europe.  

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