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The Pros and Cons of Journalism

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Journalism kind of sucks. It drains the life out of your formerly creative brain, and causes you to make terrible articles, like this one. It makes you miserable as you sit for minutes to hours thinking about what to write about. You’ll probably come up with an awesome concept. Then you’ll try to turn it into a 400 word article and fail. Then your brain, demoralized and tired after five hours of classwork, resorts to garbage fiction. Something about two old men throwing eggs at each other in a barn might be the final product.

Now for a good thing. I have to say my favorite part about Journalism is the age-mixing. I am an edgy seventh grader, but I hang out with all eighth graders. The people of my age in this class are all insane. A two-spirit furry, cool kids always in physical combat over mates, and a boy I have a bad history with. At first I sat alone in the back, writing articles and doing homework. At one point I had a seat for my backpack. Then a boy who was friends with my older sister let me in. Now I have friends beside my backpack.

Another thing that I like is the time. At sixth period, my day is over and I get to sit down and stop using my brain. Though it may be right after math, my least favorite period, journalism serves as a nice break. If I finish my article, I can do all the homework I get throughout the day. Then the rest of my day is clear for unproductive laziness. If there is no homework on my schedule, I can start my unproductive laziness early.

Another thing I love but also hate is the freedom. You can sit wherever you want, and write whatever you want to write about. As long as it’s school appropriate, your mind can express itself in whatever category you’d like to. Sometimes so many choices will cause you to get stressed and you won’t want to write anything. Your brain will stop working and as I said earlier, you end up with a garbage article about egg fighting. The freedom of seating also might cause someone you don’t like to migrate to your table.

And the last good thing about journalism is the teacher himself. He lets us sit wherever we want, and write whatever we want. His usually chill attitude, except for the occasional outburst of anger, makes the class extremely relaxed. All these things together make journalism a pretty nice class with only a few problems.

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The Pros and Cons of Journalism