Game Review: InstLife

Last semester, probably in like September, I found a really cool game that wasn’t even out yet. Well, there was the beta, and let me tell you, this game is a great time killer. It’s called InstLife. I find it to be a really cool game.

Let me explain what InstLife is. The creator states on the first line of the summary that it is “Like your life but instant.” What it means by this, in each round, or game, it generates you a brand new person each time you play. You can either make it random or custom. It generates your gender, race, name, parents, your parents’ age and the country you live in. There is a small button that says “Age!”. Every time you press that button, your person ages a year.

For the first six years of life (you can press “Age!” to speed it up) your character can’t do any actions or activities. During this time, you should check your character’s stats. It is out of 100%. The stats include fitness, intelligence, musical, painting, appearance and social. To increase your intelligence, after you turn the age of 6, you can start studying in the leisure time section. Besides studying, you can also have painting lessons, musical lessons, gym membership and public speaking. Some of these activities need a certain age to start. And music and painting lessons might be impossible because your family can’t afford it. It’s like real life!

At around age 13, you can choose your sexuality and use social media. You can also walk down the street and donate to homeless people. A few years later, you will graduate secondary school, and you have the ability to take your driving lessons. Along with this, you can get your first job. In this stage of life though, it is very difficult to get a job that has an annual income above $20,000. But if you go to University a couple times, you will hopefully get a job that makes $100,000 annually.

After getting your job, you should buy a house, and then find a partner that you can spend the rest of your game life with. Depending on your appearance levels (probably above 60%) it will matter whether you have to find your partner, or they will find you. In this game, if you are male or female, it doesn’t matter, you can still purpose to your partner. But make sure that your relationship status is over 55%, then it is more likely that your partner will say yes. If they do say yes, you can have a wedding and customize what you like.

Another feature are the three career options. A painter, you can paint paintings and sell them. You can be a singer, choose if you want jazz or pop, and all kinds of stuff. You can make albums and go on tour. Then you can be CEO if you become top where you work. I’m not sure what you can do as CEO but I believe it must be cool.

Along with all these, there are natural disasters, and wars that may occur. I hope after reading this review, you will decide to play this game. It is completely free, and does not need any real money to enjoy the game. It is so much fun. It is only in it’s beta, and it’s work fantastic. So try it out! You might end up liking it as much as me.