Fortnite is a video game that the whole world literally plays it. Half of my friends that are guys play Fortnite. They do not care about anything else but their dumb game. In Fortnite, there are different missions that you can complete with 4 players including you. There are different maps and you can collect many resources and build random things to protect survivors and help fight the storm. Throughout the game, players gain rewards which improve their hero characters, they would support teams, and trap schematics to make the game harder.

The game has 2 modes which are “Save The World” and “Battle Royale.” The “Save The World” mode is about crafting weapons, exploration, scavenging things, building “fortified” structures, and fighting monsters. In the mode, there are weapons, hero and defender characters, and support characters. The hero characters represent characters rom one of the four classes that who ever is playing can use for the missions they do. Defender characters are for defense but only if there are less than four players on a mission. Support characters are for many non-playable squads that include bonuses for the player’s attack strength, speed, armor, and/or health.

“Battle Royale” mode supports up to 100 players or “four-man squads” They try to be the last man or team standing. They try to avoid getting killed and they hunt other players. They all start with no equipment. Once they land with a parachute, they can begin to look for weapons, resources, and/or armor. A storm starts to occur and it tries to make the “safe” area downsize. Once the “safe” area has shrunk to he smaller circle which is on the map, it will generate at a random location. If players get caught outside the area, they might die if they stay outside for too long. If they would like, players can use real money to purchase in-game things, which can be used to buy cosmetic items.

Fortnite was first introduced in 2011 with Epic’s former design director. Fortnite’s development was spread throughout several of Epic’s satellite studios. Fortnite was co-developed by Polish Studio which worked on other games with Epic. By November 2013, Epic stated that Fortnite would not release that year, although the game was still developed by several of its studios. Two years later, Fortnite was a “pretty functional prototype.”The game uses something called “procedural generation” to build the maps for the missions. The game monitors how players are progressing by something called an “Al director.”