Fortnite new additions

Fortnite is a really popular game on Xbox and PlayStation. The game is free and I encourage everyone to buy it and get into the ,mode of playing it. The game can get really addicting, so I am warning you not to play too much. The new additions to fortnite are the chug jug, a new map with added places and new costumes.

Chug Jug: The Chug is very essential for fortnite. When you just come out of a battle with someone and you are low on energy then if you have a chug jug in your inventory, than lucky you. All you have to do is drink it and magically you get 100 health and 100 shield. That is full health and shield. The Chug Jug is a legendary item and it was added to fortnite as an advantage to people instead of them having to drink shield potion and use bandages. They only have to use a chug jug and they  will be at full everything.

The New Map: The new map has many new features. There are new places to go and a bigger map. The new places and Shifty Shafts, Junk Junction, Tilted Towers, motel, soccer field, Haunted Hills and Snobby Shores. The new places expand the map and make it easier to hide and find loot. There is always 100 players in the game and to win you have to go find the best loot in a place on the map and then kill people. The map makes the game harder because people can hide in more places and snipe you when you are not expecting because you can’t see them. The main goal that Fortnite accomplished with the new map was that more people played the game and liked it.

New Costumes: There are new costumes that cost V-Bucks. You have to pay money to buy actual V-Bucks and then get the costume. The only thing about the costumes is that they don’t have any special power-ups and they cost a lot of money. The costumes make you look really good and it can make other people more intimidated by you because they think that you play the game a lot because you have a dope costume.

That is my summary of the three new things added to fortnite. I want you to now go home and play the game. The game is free in the store for both Xbox and PlayStation. The game can get really addicting so be careful not to play the game to much because it can take you away from school work. You should play it a little and see how much fun the game is.