Unusual Restaurants

Restaurants are places you visit when you want to go out to eat with friends or with your family. There are many normal places you can visit like BJ’s or P.F. Changs. But sometimes there are restaurants that make you wonder why they were made. Today i’m gonna talk about all the weird or unique restaurants.

The first restaurants that i’m gonna talk about is called Bird’s Nest Restaurant. This restaurant is in a resort in Thailand, called Soneva Kiri Eco Resort. This restaurant is in the trees and you are in a big bird nest. It looks weird, but when you eat, you get a beautiful view if the water and it looks really pretty.

Another place you can go eat is called Crumbs and Whiskers. Crumbs and Whiskers is a cat cafe in Los Angeles. This isn’t really a restaurant, its more of a cafe, but it counts as a restaurant. This is a cafe where they have cats actually in the cafe. You can order little snacks to eat and pet some cats. This cafe is more for people who enjoy cats. Another amazing thing about the cafe is that all the cats in the cafe are all adoptable.

Another place you can visit is 71Above. 71Above is a restaurant in Los Angeles that has a breathtaking view. But before you go to this restaurant you will need to reserve seats in advance. This restaurant is on the 71 first floor of a high-end modern american cuisine & panoramic views. If you go to the restaurant and get a seat near the window, you would sit at a table with 3 seats. It still is a fancy place to visit and has a really pretty view and good looking food.

Another place you can go out and eat at is called the Bubble room. The bubble room is a colorful restaurant that is sorta an underwater theme. The Bubble room is located in Captivia Florida.They serve lunch, dinner, and dessert. They also have a kids menu. The restaurant is a crazy and unique place to visit. The waiters and waitresses are called bubble scouts and each of them wear different unique hats. The Bubble room has classic toys displayed around the place, and is multi-themed. Its unusual, but its a place worthy of visiting.

So now whenever you want to go out and eat, but want to go somewhere cool and interesting, you can visit any of these places.