Cool Donut Shops

Donuts are good and just the best and I am pretty sure most people could agree to this. So here is a list of really good donut shops that are nearby. These donuts have a rating of over 4 stars, and they are all worth going to. Next time you’re in LA, or nearby make sure you go to these donut shops.Image result for birdies doughnuts
         The first cool donut shop to go to and try is call Birdies. Birdies is donuts shop located in Los Angeles, on 314 W Olympic Blvd. Many people like this donut shop because of how pretty and cute they are. The donut shop has 300 Google reviews with an average rating of a 4,5. This is one of the popular cool donut shops that you should definitely try. This donut shop also sells not only donuts, but chicken too.
(Credit: Carly Diaz)
         The second cool donut shop to try is a donut shop called Blue Star Donuts. Blue Star Donuts is located in many different cities and towns in Portland, and California. Blue Star donuts has an average rating of 4.5 and a 4.4. There are two locations in Los Angeles, one in Manhattan Beach and another one in Venice. There is a vegan donut from Blue Star donuts, but not all of them are.
         Image result for california donutThe third cool donut shop to try is called California Donuts. California Donuts has an average of a 4.5 rating on Google reviews. California Donuts is located 3540 W 3rd St. near Los Angeles CA 90020. California Donuts opened in 1982, they sell donuts starting at the price of $1.oo. California Donuts sells donuts with candy, cereal, and many more cool things, they have a panda donut that contains Oreos. They also have a donut that has Reese’s peanut butter cup on it,  a a donut with fruity pebbles on the top, a donut with lucky charms on it and they also have another donut with M & Ms and many more cool donuts.
Image result for cofaxThe fourth donut shop to try is called Cofax. Cofax is located in the Fairfax Village, on 440 N Fairfax Ave. Cofax is another cool donut shop, every donut made from this cool donut shop is baked from scratch, and make with real eggs and butter. Cofax has an average rating of a 4.6 on Google reviews. The first Cofax shop opened in 2009, they have many other items like breakfast burritos, coffee , and many other good breakfast items on the menu. They also have iced coffee, as well as iced kombucha’s and teas.