Top Cheap Mechanical Keyboards

So I play a lot of video games on my computer. And one thing I have noticed over the few years that I have been a PC gamer, its that peripherals are expensive! Companies like Razer, and Corsair sell really good products, but they cost way to much money. Sure I may have their product, but that’s just because I have a birthday and Christmas. But other people are on really low budgets. So I have compiled a list of the cheapest, and best mechanical keyboards on amazon. And just to point out, none of these keyboards are those ¨Mechanical feeling¨ keyboards, they´re the real deal.

  1. Redragon K552 KUMARA (Price $30.99): Lets start with probably the most popular cheap mechanical keyboard. And I have got to say, this looks a great beginning choice for anyone who is on a big budget. The keyboard has a brushed metal plate, red back lighting, and blue clicky switches. Which are meant to replicate cherry MX blue switches.
    2. EagleTec Kgo11-R RGB (Price $44.01): Next up a rainbow keyboard by eagle-tec. This to me resembles corsair keyboard, with its brushed aluminum body and eagle tec -logo at the top. It has rainbow lighting (that you cant change) blue switches, and if you don´t like white, it comes in black to. 3. Jelly Comb Mechanical keyboard (Price $26.99): Yes you just saw the price. This keyboard is only $27! You get a rainbow led, blue switches, and multi key rollover for just $27! So if you are on a super tight budget, still want back lighting, and blue clicky switches, then this keyboard is just for you.4. AUKEY Typewriter keyboard (Price $36.99): This is probably the most interesting keyboard and the list. That is because of its really cool typewriter looking aesthetic. Out of all the keyboards on this list, I would most likely choose this one, just because of its looks. You get round keycaps, blue switches, a metal base, but no backlighting . So if that a deal breaker, then I would not get this specific keyboard.5. Velocifire Tkl01 (Price $29.99): Last but no least, here we have the velocifire keyboard. This keyboard is a good sweet spot for the price. It has brown switches (which is clicky but not loud) blue back lighting, a key cap puller for your key caps, and a non slip bottom. This is a really great choice if you want some quite keyboard and nice back lighting. These were my top cheap mechanical keyboards.