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The Puddle

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This story was inspired by google images after I looked up, “Random Things.”

I kept my head down as I walked along the sidewalk, the loud roar of cars raging beside me. My hood was pulled as far down as it would go, but the heavy rain soaked through and wet my chestnut hair. It was so weird, it never rains around here. Maybe it’ll get Australia out of it’s drought. It was sure drowning me.

My feet splashed the half inch of water that seemed to cover all the floor. I couldn’t wait to get home. Even in the rain, though it was extremely hot. The humidity in the air just stuck to your face. It really wanted to just strip off my jacket and let the rain wash over me, even though it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Except my mom would make a HUGE deal. She has a skill, she can make a mountain out of a molehill in EVERY situation.

” Jack, your dripping on the carpet!”

“Your clothes are all wet!”

“Your going to get sick!”

Seriously? How is that even possible in this weather? But she’s frazzled enough as it is. I’ve taken it upon myself to help her, ever since I was old enough to understand she needed it. By brother and I are a handful. I crossed the street, head still hung low, and I threw my hood off my head to let at least a little rain run down my face.

I clambered up the driveway and opened the door. No one was home, I knew that much from there being no car in the driveway. My Corgi ran up and attempted to jump up my legs, but his legs were far two stubby.

“Down, Fergie.” I chuckled.

It was nearly as hot inside the house as outside. I could change the temperature, but my mom would just change it back.

“We can’t afford to have it a comfortable temperature all the time, you of all people should understand that!” she would say.  I wish I didn’t. Eric didn’t understand, and my mom gave him things I never dreamed of at his age. Saying it like that makes me feel old, but its true. If we ever passed by an ice cream shop, or an ice cream truck, I wouldn’t risk asking for anything, because I knew the answer would always be no. Almost everything Eric asks for is granted to him, within limits of course. Nothing over $10. I got nothing. Ever. And now that I work at stupid gas station, and I give 40% of the money to my mom, she spends it all on him! I did it so we could afford to have the house at a comfortable temperature. But I don´t complain. It makes her happy spoiling him. 

I stomped over to my room, which I had to go through a maze to get to. Through the living room, past the kitchen, and back through the bathroom. I don’t know why, but the only way to reach my room is through the bathroom. I plopped down on my really small twin bed, throwing my backpack on the floor beside it. There was window in my room that looked out to the small, sad excuse of a backyard behind the house.

I looked out to the yard and looked longingly at the rain dripping down the roof, the small drops littering the lawn of the backyard. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I wasn’t sure if the water running down my face was sweat or rainwater. I took my phone out of my pocket, threw my jacket off and ran out in the rain in only my T-shirt and pants. Fergie followed me, and we stood out there, arms outstretched in the rain, trying to wash the feeling of confinement away. I tilted my face up and let the rain run down my face. I realized just how sick I was of this place. I wanted to get out. I looked down at Fergie, who looked right back up with his big brown eyes. I decided I would take him with me, even though he technically belonged to Eric. But Eric had enough. Fergie liked me better anyway.

I looked down and realized I hadn’t even bothered to throw my shoes on, and my socks were soaked through. I didn’t mind though. Most people hate getting their feet wet, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Nevertheless, I took my socks off and lay them down on the patio table by the door that I had haphazardly left open. The patio was tiny, just a slab on concrete on the floor by the door, and a tiny backyard covered with dying, brown grass. A tall hedge blocked the backyard from the neighbors on the other side. The roof reached over the patio a little, but it didn’t cover it all the way. A large puddle had formed under where the roof cut off.

I walked over to it and squatted down next to it, looking at my reflection. I had chestnut hair, that was pretty long by boy standards. It wasn’t all the way down to my neck, but it just lay floppy over my head. I had a narrow-ish face and brown eyes that my mom would describe as huge, but to me they were just normal sized eyes. I didn’t think much of my reflection. To me, it was just the same boring old face I saw in the mirror every day. Fergie sure liked to lick it though.

In fact, right then, he stood across the puddle from me and looked me in the eye. He wanted to lick my face again, I could tell. He took a step forward with his short stubby legs into the puddle, only he fell right through. Right before my eyes, my dog fell through the puddle as if it were a hole in the ground.

For a few seconds I just stood there, gaping, my mouth wide open in shock. Then, I heard a soft echoing bark surround the air around me. I looked again into the puddle, but only saw my same, boring face. Then, I reached my hand out to touch the surface. I felt refreshing, cool water surround my hand, nothing like the water falling from the sky. I stuck my hand farther in, but I never reached the bottom of the puddle. The puddle swallowed the rest of my arm, up to my elbow. I pulled out my soaking arm and stared in awe at the puddle.

The bark sounded again. I knew I needed to get my dog back. After all, every door opens both ways, right? I stood held my foot over the puddle, just letting it hover for  a while. Then another noise sounded. A noise that sent a chill down my spin. A deep, throaty growl that echoed the same as Fergie´s bark. I didn’t hesitate this time. I stepped straight into the puddle, the chilly water enveloping my whole body. The thing is, in the spur of the moment, I completely forgot to take a breath.

As I gasped form shock, water filled my lungs, and I opened my eyes under the crystal clear blue water, and saw a large body of water like a large lake, and four stubby legs hanging from the surface of the water. As I pushed up frantically to  relieve my burning lungs, I looked forward and found myself face to face with two large, red, menacing eyes.

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