Museum Of Tolerance

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Museum Of Tolerance

I was terribly sad for the people that were killed and for the people who lived through the holocaust.

When we got to the museum we started off by learning some basic information about tragic prejudice events that have happened in early 1900’s – recently.
The exhibit that I thought was the most informational was the exhibit where we all sat down in pod like constructions. We watched videos and had to guess the answers, such has how many children are used in child pornography. Then we answered the question on a key pad that we all had on the pod. This part was also very emotional, because it talked all about where there are still child slaves, children working for a penny a day, and so many other horrific things that are still happening today. Before we walked to the questionnaire we walked down a spiral staircase and on the wall of the staircase there were a lot of pictures of men and women that were involved in the holocaust, some are still alive. After the questionnaire we walked to an area that looked similar to some of the towns in Germany and there were stations for us to watch these videos explaining different parts of the holocaust. The end of this section we were in a similar area that was the gas chamber. The men, women, and children were told that they were going in there so that they wouldn’t get diseases. They had no idea that they were going to be murdered by toxic gas. They were told to breathe deep in and out, after about 2 hours they were dead. I think that this is sick and cruel. After this part we came to our last stop. At the beginning we had gotten cards that had a picture of a child that was in the holocaust. We saw there background and where they were from, and at the end we saw if they survived or died, sadly mine died with the 1.5 million children killed in the holocaust. Even if you don’t have any connection to the holocaust this still really makes you feel very lucky to be living in a much better time. Events such as the holocaust usually happen when a dictator will gather a radical group, and they will do something horrible in prejudice. I do not think that this can happen on this scale but for sure something like this will happen again just not this big. The reason that I do not think that it will be as big as the holocaust is because we have so much technological advances, and there is a lot of people that will risk there lives to stand up for what is right. I think that the museum of tolerance supports tolerance by teaching about all of theses horrific events that have happened and educating that it is not right. This trip to the museum was truly sad but such a great experience at the same time.

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Museum Of Tolerance