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When you skateboard you can ride on many different things, wear many different things, and do many different tricks.

The Skateboard

On your skateboard there is many different parts which include, the deck, the grip tape, the trucks, the wheels, the bearings, bushings, and hardware. The grip tape is used to make it easier to perform tricks and for better balance.

Skateboard tricks

When you ride your skateboard you can ride goofy, regular, or mongo. If you ride regular and do a trick or ride goofy you would be riding switch. Now you can do many different tricks. You can Ollie, Pop Shuvit, Frontside 180, Backside 180, Kick flip, Heel flip, Tre-Flip, Varial, Nollie, Fakie Big Spin, ect.

When you skate you can also do grinds on rails and obstacles which include Boardslide, Noseslide, Tailslide, 50-50, 5-0, Crooked Grind, Feeble Grind ect.

Skateboard Obstacles

The obstacles you find at skateparks will include, Kickers (launch ramps), Box Jumps (two kickers back to back with a flat surface in the middle), Quarter Pipes (curved ramps that are 1/4 circle launching a skater upwards and over it),  Spines (2 Quarter pipes placed back to back allowing a skater to jump from one side to another), Half Pipes (2 quarter paper facing each other allowing the skater to roll up one Quarter pipe and down it to the other Quarter pipe and rolling back and fourth), Vert Ramps (a quarter pipe with an extra addition added to them that is pointed vertically to keep the skater on the ramp and to roll back down) , Bowls (a bowl shaped in ground structure that skaters ride in and around), and Rails (where grinds are performed and usually raised from the ground and straight).

Skateboard Brands

My favorite skateboard brands include HUF, Thrasher, Primitive, Vans, and Baker, but besides those brands there are Palace, Zero, Welcome, Birdhouse, Shake Junt, Girl, Bones, Welcome, Toy Machine, Real, Almost, Element, Independent, Thunder, Grizzly ect.

Street Skating

When you skate you can also (Street Skate) which means you don’t go to the skatepark and you make your own ramps and obstacles and you ride on stairs and curbs and cruise in the streets.

On my board I have A Baker deck, Grizzly grip tape, Thunder Trucks, Bones wheels, Reds bearings an Anti Hero hardware.

As a skater you take many risks which are getting hurt, getting in trouble, getting get kicked out of places, and getting tired and worn out.

That is all you need to know to become a skater now get out there and start shredding.

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