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How to Survive Middle School

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Since I am in the eighth grade, and in celebration of the end of my first week in second semester for my last year, I will talk about how to survive middle school. There are a lot of books, and stories, and stuff like that about how much middle school sucks. I don’t know many, but I guess Diary of a Wimpy Kid could count. Including Dork Diaries and Middle School: Worst Years of My Life I think are decent enough examples (though Dork Diaries may be about high school). But that is besides the point. The thing I’m trying to say, is that middle school doesn’t really suck.

The first thing to really, really remember, and I mean, engrave this into your brain. You don’t have to fit in! You need to understand how many people change their style, their personality, and basically everything to “fit in.” This is not the route to go. Being a teenager is actually probably one of the hardest parts of your life. Many things change, things you can’t control. And trying to forcefully change the way you act, dress, and even worse your physical features is not right. In middle school, your real focus should be on school, finding talents, discovering your place in society, and most of all, accepting your body’s features.

There is no one is this school who chooses who “fits in” and who does not. As long as you like who you are, then it’s fine. Don’t force yourself  to do things you don’t want to, or wear things you don’t want to for the sake of “fitting in.”

In the sixth grade, it is vital to find a group of friends, and at least one person that you are able to talk to in each of your classes. As soon as you find friends, your middle school life will go by a lot faster. Keep these things in mind: Initiate conversation, ask interesting questions when learning about them, make eye contact, and tell funny stories about yourself (I know I just said don’t change yourself, but everyone loves a friend with a sense of humor). Doing all of these can help you learn about your new friend, and soon, you’ll be walking together all over.

One thing I did in middle school consistently, is focus on school, and my life. Because of this, I have learned about a lot about myself in the past two or three years. I never distracted myself with pointless things, such as crushes or dates. Personally, I don’t think crushes or dates are necessary, or of any worth in middle school. You are probably wondering why do I recommend avoiding crushes. The reason is because it distracts people. It may lead to obsession, and then rejection is always at large. Rejection can lead to rage, anger and destructive habits and actions that you may never recover from. The opposite, dating. “Falling in love” with someone else. This never ends well. Kids will follow this path, no doubt about it. It might lead to sexual harassment, name calling and sadly, losing your virginity. Do you want to be a parent? Of course not! So having a crush is not the best choice. *If you do have one, try to take your mind off of it. Read, try a new activity, anything to stop it from developing into something worse.

This is not something I usually do, but it does help when you are in middle school, in all kinds of stuff. You can make a personal time table! Many people do this to track what they eat to keep a healthy weight, help you sleep better and of course not to fall behind in school. This helps many people make time for homework, hygiene, and hobbies. Especially for large projects. Let me make an example for you; you have an English project due in two weeks. It’s a Monday, on the twentieth of any month, and it’s due on the twenty-eighth. The project is basically an essay, along with a tri-fold explanation. You also need to sight all your sources and paste that on the bottom right side of the project. This seems incredibly stressful. But just think for a second: how long does it take to do this? If you are smart with time, this project will be done in no time. If you start this project the day you get it, thirty minutes each week day, and then a full hour of so on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll be done very quickly. If you focus while you’re working on it, you’ll be done in no time. It’s not very hard to research a topic, and if you record what was done, what was completed, and what needs work on your time table, it makes the project incredibly easy.

Now, this is something I am obsessed over! An organized backpack and locker. For the locker, I keep the books standing up, the spine facing towards me, and it makes it like a stand to put your backpack on. I organize the stand like this (left to right): folders, graph paper pads, composition books, notebooks (shortest to tallest), binders and then textbooks. On the hooks, I only hang the lunch bag so it’s out of the way. For your backpack, I advise putting all your pencils and writing utensils (including erasers and highlighters) in an easy to carry pencil pouch. Keep your phone, keys and small valuable things like that close together so they are easy to find, and do not get lost. Keep binders and textbooks close, and keep spirals in a separate compartment from them to prevent them from being destroyed. Keep your calculator maybe in the pencil pouch, or somewhere safe and easy to access.

Lastly, hygiene! This includes physical and mental health. Take care of yourself. Shower, brush your teeth, brush your hair, eat healthy, and all that stuff. Wash your face instead of putting makeup which just makes it worse. Along with this, manage your eating habits to keep a healthy weight. Self-respect is also really important. Wear clothes that cover your stomach, chest and at least where your finger tips touch on your legs. If you take care of yourself, you will do fantastic.

If you decide to take all my tips, I believe middle school will be just fine. I know this is middle school, but you can take these ideas with you to high school. Try to enjoy your life.

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How to Survive Middle School