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Whispers: Part 12

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Previously on Whispers Part 11: Inside, was a cold and soundless room. It smelled of old book, and chalk. Inside, were old people.. they sat around the table and on the side seats were old and wrinkly. They wore horrible scowls, and they all had white and grey hair. Their eye shadow must have been made of moldy cheese. The Mascara was dry with big lumps and their awful pink blush… I covered my mouth. I think I’m gonna barf. Ally slapped my arm. “Rude much?” “Sit.” I shivered as I walked to my seat.

I pull out the wooden seat- SCREEEEEEEEAAAAAACCHH.


And I thought having gum stuck on my pants for a whole day was akward.

I sit-with no intentions of pushing the chair in.

The most important looking old man looked at me with an accusing look. He cleared his throat ready for his speech, as the others found themselves a seat.

“Leon Coldwell. Madelyn Coldwell. You were sighted by the Enchanted Mirror- in both realms. And although, The Shadow has kept his eye on you-” his wrinkly eyes made the hairs on my neck stand, “- your activation of the portal has brought his uttermost attention. With this, the possibility of mortals entering are countless.”

His eyes pierced the thick air towards Gram, Jamie, and Ally.

“But what does he want?” Ally interrupted. However, she wasn’t implying the question to the old man, but rather my mom (who smiled in return).

“AHEM!” The old man bellowed. Many of the old women shook their heads with a look of disgust. “Nosy,” I whisper to Ally. She gave me a cold stare in return.

“The Council has agreed upon the fact that you may be keeping secrets from us Madelyn. Secrets of The Shadow and the Enchanted Mirror-” “Muck.” The whole room shifted, as all heads turned to Jamie. I shook my head in disbelief. “Its name is Muck,” she said innocently.

“And who are you precisely?” he asked threateningly. “Don Getty, you don’t understand. These kids are our key to everything,” she said brightly. “You Fool! You shant listen to what I must say!” Don Getty replies irritated.

“But I kn-” “This kid has opened the portal! Opened the portal! Who cares of the putrid mortals who fall in!” At this the audience had gasped, and the women began an uproar in speaking amongst themselves.

“This gives the chance for The Shadow-” “Muck!” Jamie yelled, clearly annoyed. Unfortunately, no one was listening, for the whole room had exploded with arguments.

Yet “Don Getty” resumed his speech, “… The Shadow will be able to enter realms, and if he chooses, he can use a physical form.

At this the audience gasped again.

“Vut if he has a visical vorm…” began a heavy accented woman. “Combined with his powers,” continued an old man. “He can become stronger and…” A wide eyed woman went pale.

The room fell silent.

My mother sighed. “Precisely, but-”

The room returned into its uproar-possibly louder.

“How dare you speak of Adam in such treacherous manner!” said the woman from the forest to the other.

“Silence! Silence!”

Ally eyed me, grabbed my arm, and dragged me down underneath the table with her. “No wonder they don’t have meetings often,” she rolled her eyes. “Yeah, no kidding.” The sounds of the debate grew stronger as the sound of glass shattered. “So do you have it?” she asked. “Have what?” “The music box!” I stared at her. The music box… Oh no.

I stuck the music box under the staircase leading to the basement. I ran up the stairs, and shut the door. “LEON! Where are y-” my father stopped and saw me. “Where were you young man?! Explain later. Get your things and go. You have 7 minutes to get to school,” he walked away, frustrated. I ran to the couch, grabbed my stuff, and bolted out the door.“Whoa, did you just have a flashback?”Ally asked. “I left it under the staircase to the basement,” I say to my horror. “What?!” my mother gasped, as she joined us under the table. The deafening noise of the people continued. One by one they all came down- except Corlin (he was too big).

“How could you, why did you…” she turned her head away, deep in thought.

“Didn’t you hide it from your dad after you had that vision of him dying?” Gram whispered. “What? You have visions Leon?” my mother whispered in awe. “Do you know what this means? The opening of the portal seemed to have given you much more power than what I thought.” She looked at Jamie.


“We need to get that music box,” Ally whispered.


“Mom, I need to tell Jamie.” I whispered.

“Tell my sister what?” Ally whispered hastily.

“Leon…” my mother hesitated.


“Don’t you see we’re discussing it right now?” I shoot at Ally.

“Can’t you see I am part of this discussion?”

“No you’re not!”

“Am too!”



We join the silence as we looked towards Gram and Jamie. Gram seemed to be irritated, and Jamie seemed to gone deaf with frustration as she looked out into space. Couldn’t they see we were in the middle of something important? I look at my mom. But instead of seeing the usual reassurance on her face, I see her alarmed.

She held her staff in her hand, ready to pounce.

What? And why is it so…
Then it hit me. We had joined the silence. Since when was it silent to begin with.

There was no sound from outside the table. No arguments, no shouts. It’s as if everything… froze.

“Corlin,” my mother mumbled.

He’s here…” came Jamie’s voice. And then I realized. She had a vision. “Jamie-” I began. But I was cut off by a rather disturbing voice.


“And this my friend, is where you end,” echoed the voice of Muck in my head.

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