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The Second Semester

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It’s a new year which means a new semester. This can be good or bad for students. Good if you did awful last semester and it could be terrible if you did amazing last semester. What i’m trying to say is that all grades from last semester are cleared. You don’t start with an A but you don’t start with an F. I asked two of my friends at Hale some questions about starting over in the new semester.

The first question I asked was how do you feel about your grades from last semester being cleared? I asked my friend Sofia first.Sofia said,”I think my grades needed to improve a lot in certain subjects but I was happy with the other ones.” This is good for the certain subjects that she thinks she could’ve done better in.Then I asked Izzy. Izzy said that she hates that the grades were cleared because she is proud of her grades. She said that she wished that they would count for something this semester. Both Izzy and Sofia think that clearing grades is unfair to those who did good but Sofia said that it’s good for the students who did bad because it’s like a second chance.

Next I asked them if there are any goals they want to reach or if there is something that they want to improve. I asked Izzy first. Izzy said,” I want to get much better at remembering things like my textbooks and  my homework. I also want to get a good grade in my art class because if I don’t then it would A be really disappointing and B it would be a big hit on my confidence.” Then I asked Sofia. Sofia said that she wants to improve in all classes and she also wants to get into El Camino’s varsity  dance guard.

Lastly I asked them if they noticed anything different from the first semester. First I asked Izzy. Izzy said that this semester her English teacher isn’t accepting any late work which makes her nervous because if you read the last paragraph (which you most likely did) then you know she has a tendency to forget things like homework. But besides that, the only other difference is that her science class changed to health. Her elective also changed from photography to art. Then I asked Sofia and Sofia said that now she has science instead of health so her first period teacher has changed. That makes her nervous but other than that, everything else is the same.




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The Second Semester