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Serena – Season Finale (Part 3/3)

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This is a continuation of the Serena Season Finale.

“Anyway,” my grandmother went on. “It turns out the new queen was married to a mortal. A human out of the kingdom of Azura. The human did not know that the queen ruled a magical whole other world. They got married on Earth. The queen finally had to tell her husband the truth.

The husband was shocked, and did not believe her at first. So the queen used her key necklace to open a portal and take her husband to Azura. They spent a while in Azura and had their twin children there.

That was when another terrible tragedy happened. The evil man came back. And not alone this time. He had armies and armies of people. It turns out that some mortal had seen the new queen open the portal for her husband, and told thousands of people-including the evil man.

This became known as the Deuxième âge du désespoir- the Second Age of Despair. And it was much worse than the first.

The new king blamed himself for it. He said that if he’d only believed his beloved wife, she wouldn’t have to open the portal. The queen said that was ridiculous, but the king wouldn’t believe her. He claimed it was his responsibility to stop the mortals.

The queen, queen’s mother, and the twin princesses were forced back to Earth without a choice.

The king stopped the mortals and succeeded, but after his victory, no one ever saw him again. News spread all the way to the queen that he had died.

It was horrid. It was up to only the queen and her mother to raise the young princesses. The queen didn’t want to ever set foot back in Azura. She never wanted to go there ever again after her husband’s sudden death. She vowed that she would stay on Earth and have a normal life with her two daughters.

With the queen refusing to go back, her mother was forced to return to Azura to rule the kingdom. Once a year, she came to visit the daughters.

With her mother gone, it was nearly impossible for the queen to raise two very young daughters all by herself. So she asked one of her closest and most trusted friend to take care of one of her daughters. It was the best thing to do.

And so, the changed her name, her daughters’ names, and started a whole new life on Earth. However, the queen gave her daughters two of the magical key necklaces, just in case one day they will have to go back to Azura. The necklaces would call them when Azura was in desperate need for the princesses.”

“Wow.” I said. That’s all I could say. “Grandmother, who were these people? What were their names?”

“Oh, of course.” My grandmother said with a sigh. “The new queen’s mother, who ruled before was Ezra. She was the first queen of Azura.

Her daughter, who is now currently the queen of Azura is Athena. Her two twin princesses are named Evelyn and…Serena.”

I shuddered as soon as I heard that name. I think I knew. I knew what was going on.

“When they came to start a new life on Earth, they changed their names. When Ezra came to visit, she became known as…Elizabeth.”

“E-Elizabeth?” I stuttered. My grandmother nodded. “Athena became known as Abigail.”

I was speechless.

“Evelyn became known as Emma.”

My blood froze. I knew what was coming next. I knew it.

“And Serena became known as…” My grandmother stopped. “Follow me.”

I followed my grandmother to the Secret Garden where the portal mirror was. No winds came. No light. My grandmother just walked straight to it like it was no problem at all.

We reached the mirror. My grandmother chanted something and all of a sudden, the mirror started to reveal something.

A beautiful river, sparkling in the moonlight. Mountains covered with the most lovely, delicate violets anyone has ever seen.

Suddenly, vines started coming out of the mirror. Vines with gorgeous violets growing out of them.

Tiny sprites started slipping through the magic portal on gossamer wings, flapping ever so gently.

Then, I heard a sound. It sounded like a waterfall. I looked down and saw that the water from the river was starting to overflow through the portal and into the backyard. With it, came miniature little fish that looked like….a mermaid?

The mermaid had beautiful bright blonde hair, and a flower crown. Her tail was laced with violets and azaleas attached together with a strand of seaweed. Her bright blue eyes radiated energy as she looked up at me. I knelt down and placed her in the palm of my hand.

Serena. She was communicating with me. I heard her voice echo in my head. Come back to us. We need you. I shrieked and let go of her. She fell to ground and then, in a blink of an eye, the sprites and the mermaids and the vines all vanished. I found myself face to face with the mirror once again.

I didn’t know what to say. “I….” I started. My grandmother nodded.

“I…I am Serena.”

I was the princess of a fantasy kingdom. My best friend was my princess sister. My mom and grandmother were all royals in a whole different world.

My life would never, ever, be the same.

“Do you understand now?” My grandmother asked. I couldn’t find my voice to respond.

My grandmother sighed. “Come. Let’s get back inside. It is very late.”

I followed my grandmother back inside the house, my face pale, and feeling nothing inside.

Just then, I heard someone sobbing. I saw my mother, sitting on the couch with her face in her hands, crying.

“Oh, Abigail, I’m sorry but I had to tell her. She couldn’t be living forever without knowing who she really is.”

“No.” My mother said. “You did the right thing. She needed to know.” My grandmother furrowed her eyebrows. “Why are you crying then?”

My mother looked up at us, her eyes red, and tears rolling down her cheeks. “I..I had a nightmare, mother.” “I…I had a very horrible nightmare.”

My grandmother went over and sat next to my mother. I just stood there, and watched.

“Tell me, Abigail. What was it?” My mother wiped the tears off her face. “I cannot believe I have been so blind. I cannot believe all these years…I…I…” She burst into tears again, not able to stop herself.

My grandmother stroked her hair to calm her down. “It will be alright. Just tell me what the nightmare was. We will get through it together.”

“Should I leave?” I squeaked, finally finding my voice. “No, you can stay, sweetie. We don’t need to hide these things from you anymore. And you must know what I am about to tell you.”

My mother took a deep, shaky breath. “Someone was communicating with me from Azura. They were telling me they had found my daughter, and were taking care of her.”

“That does not make any sense. Serena and Evelyn are both here on Earth…” My grandmother said. “That was what I thought.” My mother continued.

“Then I remembered. I remembered what had really happened.” There was a moment of silence. “When Evelyn, Serena and I were leaving Azura to start our new life on Earth, someone kept Evelyn from coming through.

Then they cast a spell to replace Evelyn with another baby, so I wouldn’t know she was missing. When I came to Earth and saw how different Evelyn looked, I thought it was just a malfunction in the portal while we were passing through. I was so blind, so stupid, I left my own child back in Azura, with no one at all! Someone wanted to take her from me. She is still out there! Not knowing anything! Thank goodness someone found her!

I have been raising a child that was not my own for all these years! I cannot believe this! My poor baby! My poor, poor, baby!” My mother started crying again, uncontrollably. “I will never forgive myself! Never!”

“Someone has taken her from us.” My grandmother said. “We need to go back to Azura, and save your sister.”


I went to bed that night, not even able to blink. After four whole hours, I fell asleep.

I found myself standing on a beautiful meadow. There was a girl in front of me. Beautiful, blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes. She ran over to me and hugged me. I found you. I heard her voice in my head. We will never be apart again. I recognized that voice. It was….Helena.


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