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Rams vs. Falcons playoff game

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The Rams played in the second playoff game of the wildcard games. The Rams are the #3 seed and they are playing the #6 seed Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons were the runner ups in the previous super bowl and have a very good team. The La Rams are finally in the playoffs and have been having the best season. The Rams have not made it to the playoffs for 8 years and they are being led by the astounding Todd Gurley and Jared Goff.

The first quarter started and the Rams had the ball. The game was going back and fourth with punt after punt until Pahrooh Copper fumbled the ball and the Falcons recovered it. The Falcons settled for a field goal on the drive and they were winning 3-0. The Rams were not doing good for being the highest scoring team, but they were gaining yards. They punted the ball on there next drive and the Falcons scored because they were punting the ball away and again Copper fumbled the ball leading to the Falcons scoring a touchdown from 3 yards out. The score was now 13-0. The Rams needed a score and they got one on the next drive which was a pass from Jared Goff to rookie wide out Cooper Kupp. The Rams were in desperate need of another score before halftime. They got a huge 38 yard pass all the way to the Atlanta 7. The Rams had 4 chances to score, but settled for a field goal. The second half ended and the score was 13-10 Falcons winning.

The Second half started and the teams were all fired up. The second half went really good for the Falcons because on there first two drives they score 2 field goals. The score was 19-10 Falcons winning. The Rams seemed hopeless and then just as they were starting to get there hype back the Falcons scored a 9 yard touchdown on a pass to there star wide out Julio Jones. The Rams were pretty much hopeless and they need something huge to happen. The score was 26-13 and the Rams came so close to scoring again, but they could not. The Falcons won the game with the score of 26-13.

The Rams had such a strong team and great regular season that it sucks to see them lose. The Rams are going to come back next year and make a great comeback season. The Rams have very inexperienced players and this trip to the playoffs will help them a ton in the future,


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Rams vs. Falcons playoff game