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Why Lonzo Ball Will Be a Bust

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Now we know about all the hype and discussion around Lonzo Ball, the rookie that was dafted by the LA Lakers, whether about his father or his over priced priced shoes there is always controversy around Lonzo. But a lot of controversy has been that maybe that Lonzo will be a bust to the Lakers. Here’s why. Lonzo puts strain on the franchise and bothers his team. Wherever he goes the spotlight is on him and controversy is there too. This makes put unnecessary pressure on himself and the team. Sometimes the whole franchise gets distracted. Nobody doubt his talent which can make him arrogant and think he is the best player on the team.

When the Lakers drafted Lonzo they also brought in Lavar, Lonzo’s Dad. Lavar can bring even more unnecessary pressure, spotlight, and controversy. Which puts even more strain to an already strained team. Lavar could hurt the Lakers even more if he starts making opinions, and influencing play calls, and the lineup. Lavar can also influence Lonzo to do anything. He should not have the time on the court that he has right now because he isn’t improving at all. For example Kyle Kuzma an NBA rookie that was drafted 27th overall in the draft by Brooklyn Nets then traded to the LA Lakers is putting up more points than Lonzo and is becoming a team leader. Kuzma has less time than Lonzo and is putting up twice as many points as him. Also Lonzo is starting to become very stubborn.

At the beginning of the year Lonzo wanted to go to the Lakers so badly, that he did not want to work out with any other teams. If Lonzo Ball is stubborn enough to not meet with other teams, just because he does not want to, what is stopping him from not cooperating with the Lakers if they do not sign a player he wants, or if they do not offer him as much money as he wants. The Lakers are trying to rebuild and with Magic Johnson they could do it. However, Lonzo Ball could become a drain on the Lakers by bringing too much controversy, and pressure. Lonzo has great talent, and could be the next best player, but all I am saying is that there is the possibility of him becoming a drain, and bust for the Lakers and this could be bad for the franchise as a whole.

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Why Lonzo Ball Will Be a Bust