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the plot of kingdom hearts part.2

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Last time in the plot of kingdom hearts we left off with Sora, who began to defend his island against a giant creature named Darkside. As Sora fought Darkside, Sora had slashed and swept through Darkside’s body. Darkside threw punches back at Sora. After Sora had almost taken down Darkside, Darkside started to summon smaller heartless to take care of Sora. Sora had relentlessly swept through the small heartless to kill Darkside with a final blow. Once Sora defeated Darkside a portal had opened up. the portal started to engulf Sora. Sora had panicked. He looked around and saw Riku reach out for Sora to grab his hand. Riku had said to join the darkness and come one with it because its the only way to another world. Sora ignored Riku and continued to freak out and panic as the darkness continued to engulf him until he was fully consumed. Riku stayed calm and slowly sank through the embodiment of darkness.Image result for sora and riku

After the two boys fell through the darkness it sent them to two separate locations, almost like a portal. Sora had fallen down in a dark city that was light up with street lights. Riku had fallen into a cold ice cave that seemed to defy gravity. When Sora had woke from the city he saw Pluto the dog. Once Sora had gotten up Pluto had already ran off. When he walked around to see where he was he met a man with a revolver sword and a ninja girl. It turned out that the man with the revolver sword was named Squall Leonhard and the ninja girl was named Yuffie.

Image result for squall and yuffie kingdom hearts

Squall had explained what the shadow creatures were. they were creatures made out of darkness called heartless. They are called heartless because they are the ones who’s heart gets destroyed resulting in their creepy transformations. Squall also mentioned why they were trying to hunt him down. they wanted to kill him because of the blade that Sora wields. It turns out the blade is called a Keyblade and it has the power to lock any worlds heart away. he finally states that the place he is in is Traverse Town. Squall said that traverse town is a place where people who have lost their worlds go. After Sora realized that his world was destroyed. To test Sora’s potential with the Keyblade, Squall fights him. Sora gets destroyed in battle by Squall.

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the plot of kingdom hearts part.2