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Playoff Prediction [AFC Only/division leaders]

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There are many teams in the NFL that have the potential to make it to the playoffs. There are still 3 weeks left of games and there are many teams that are close in the race to make the playoffs. Here is my prediction for the 4 teams that are going to make it into the playoffs.

The AFC is a very tough division and there are many teams that could make it into the playoffs. The one division that is locked up for the AFC is the AFC East. The patriots are the only team that will be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs if they win this week. The AFC teams are easy, but they have hard divisions and teams that have good records. The top 4  in the playoffs will be #1 New England Patriots, #2 Pittsburgh Steelers, #3 Tennessee Titans #4 Los Angeles Chargers.

#1 New England Patriots: The Patriots are the strongest team in the AFC. There is no question that they won’t make the playoffs in this season. They are lead by the top quarterback in the NFL with 5 super bowls and one of the top offenses. The Patriots can win out the AFC with the best record, no question.

#2 Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers have a very top offense this season and with the one of the best teams in the AFC they can win there division easy. The match up of the AFC is going to be the Steelers vs. the Patriots. The game will come down to who has the most prepared offense and the toughest defense mentally and physically.

#3 Tennessee Titans: The Titans are the team that I see that may not win there division. They don’t have a really good offense and there defense has let up a ton of points this season. The Titans may not have a good offense, but somehow they have escaped there games and taken the wins by very few points. The Titans are a good tam with a good coaching staff, but have to play hard to win the season out.

#4 Los Angeles Chargers: The chargers have the easiest division and can win there game out easily. They have lost a few games do to a bad field goal kicker and can win out there division if they beat the Kansas City Cheifs and do it in fashion. The Chargers have the easiest path to the playoffs and can make the new LA Chargers a name in the NFL for next year.

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Playoff Prediction [AFC Only/division leaders]