My Story on the IPhone 10/X

Hi it Justin sultan back at it again with another article. This is my eleventh article. Here I bring you the iPhone X/10 review. People at the apple store have said it the ten, but I like to call it the X. It gives it an entitling name. It sounds like your better than everyone but your really not.

First I would like to talk abut the ordering process. On Thursday morning, the day before you could order it my dad told me that since my birthday was in a week that  I could pre order. Since my dad had payed off the other phone I had all i had to pay is tax. The tax that I had to pay was 93 dollars. Since apple had only made 2 million of them i thought that i wasn’t gonna get one. I watched a ton of YouTube videos abut how i could pre order it and get one. Oh and by the way my dad also was trying to get one so that was going to be even harder. So back on the YouTube videos. I had probably watched at least 100 unboxings of the people who got it early. And i still watched videos of how to get it on pre order day. The people on the videos said that to get it on pre order day you had to download the app on your phone. So I downloaded the app on the phone. The right after I had watched a video that said that it would take longer to order it on your phone and it would just be easier to order it online.

Pre order day come and its 11:55 p.m. First me went to the the apple store. The apple store is always bad on launch day. So it wouldn’t even pop up. Then we went to the AT&T store and right away we got 2 Space Gray 256 GB iPhone Xs. It said we would get them on November 3rd. Right before my birthday. Then we went back to the apple store just to see if had worked now. Right when we got to the website it said iPhone 10s not shipping till December 26th. That’s almost a 2 months after we would get our. Me and my dad were so happy we didn’t get ours of the apple website. After school on Friday the 3rd I was so happy to get in the car and get my iPhone 10/X. There is my story about the iPhone x.