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Things I Hate Because I’m Ali

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When people see me at school, they probably think of things that I hate personally. Well, you’re in for treat! This week I will talk about things I hate personally(Why? Because last week I saw some things that I really hated).


To start, I hate when someone takes credit for someone else’s work. For example, a few weeks ago I donated to our canned food drive. After I did, last week some guy had the bright idea of taking the food I brought and say it was his. Or another example where someone asked me for my work ( he didn’t do it, and I knew he was going to write his name on it). The reason I hate this is because you take credit for something that someone actually took the time to do. Another reason I hate this is because they think that the person who did the work wouldn’t expect it. Seriously, if you decide to ask me for something i’m going to notice you want my work.

Next thing I hate is when there are a lot of people talking and they see me and say that i’m quiet. The best way I could explain it is that i’m quiet and some needs to point out that I am a quiet person. The reason I hate this is because it isn’t like somebody would care and start paying attention to how quiet I am. Another reason I hate this is because you think like I care so much to the point that I want to respond and say “yeah I am pretty quiet.” Seriously, I won’t be surprised by how quiet i am if I know I already am that quiet. In a way, it is like saying that fries are really good (of course they are good).

My final thing that I hate only relates to people who speak another language. Th e thing I hate so much is when someone says that he (me) doesn’t understand the language. The best way to describe this is a time someone was speaking in urdu and I had a blank face since I didn’t know how to respond. After that, my nephew says that I don’t know the language. I hate this since it seems as if I don’t know anything about the language. Another reason I hate this is because I understand the language.

Those are some things I hate.


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Things I Hate Because I’m Ali