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Sunday Night Football Summary

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Sunday Night Football was a thriller. It was the Seattle Sea hawks vs Philadelphia Eagles. Me being a cowboys fan was kind of a win win situation. Since the eagles are in the same division as the Cowboys if the red hot 10 and 1 eagle lose to the 7 and 4 sea hawks the the Cowboys would move up in the rankings. If the sea hawks were to win then the cowboys would be able to move up in the wild Card playoffs. The cowboys really aren’t really  doing as well as they did last year. Last year the cowboys were 13 and 3 but then lost in the 2nd round to the green bay packers over a field goal. This year there debatable best running back in the league Zeke Elliot got suspended for six games. Then on top of that Cowboys best linebacker Sean Lee is out 2 weeks with a concussion.

This year the cowboys are 6 and 6 and not looking to well. But now here is the summary in what happened in last nights game.

The eagle vs sea hawks match up is very unlikely. There has only been 15 meetings between these 2 teams since 1976. They have only met 3 time since 2010. The sea hawks have swept every meeting.

Right now Carson Wentze is in the 2018 MVP discussion along side people like Ton Brady and also Russel Wilson. Carson has 2,657 passing yards and 28 passing touchdown against five passing interception coming into this game vs Seattle. North Dakota state product will have a chance to improve his numbers coming in to the game. But it wont come easy against the feisty Seattle defense that has been dominating teams without there best players. Like for instance, there missing strong safety Cam Chancellor  witch is arguably the hardiest hitting safety to ever play the strong safety position. There other star player that there missing from there defense is Richard Sherman. Richard Sherman is the best corner-back in the league right now. He had just gotten out of surgery from a tear in his knee. The top three players on the sea hawks defense are called the legion of boom. That’s what Cam Chancellor, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas III.

The eagles are currently the best team in the league with a record of 10 and 1. The vikings are closely behind with a record of 10 and 2. So all at the end the eagles ended up losing to the sea hawks 24 to 10. The eagles did have a chance until Byron Maxwell picked Wentz’s pass off. There is your summary of SNF.

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Sunday Night Football Summary