My Black Friday Experience

All right, I wouldn’t talk about this but some things happened during it that make me really want to talk about it. So with no further interruptions, here is my Black Friday/Thanksgiving experience.

So to start, my Thanksgiving started with me at the dinner table with my family, a turkey, vegetables, and a bowl of mashed Potatoes. After that, I had some soda and wait for us to leave for Walmart/Target(Why? They were close by to us.). Not even 20 minutes went by and we were in our car on our way to Walmart first. In Walmart, I really didn’t want to buy anything, my brother on the other hand wanted a headset and a controller. The problem though is we can only buy one thing each Black Friday(worst part, doesn’t matter what price it is). So he basically pleaded the whole time for me to buy his controller so I bought it. While I see the things that me and my brother bought, I see our cart full of things that might never be used like a blender, a vacuum, and some socks. We left to Target after that, but I didn’t go to the store.

Next we went to Best Buy ( This is when I start getting pissed off). We go there and I go with my mom while my older brother went with my dad to buy a macbook. We catch up with them and I see the price of it. I was expecting  200 maybe 300 dollars, but when I saw that the macbook is 1149 (on sale for 50%) I actually wanted to question two things 1) My existence 2) Why in the world adding an apple logo could make a laptop 3x more than a regular laptop. I would be fine with this exchange, but the macbook was almost as small a chromebook. I was dissapointed by this and thought of everything that they could have bought.

Next day me and my father (and mother) went to Sears to see if there was anything good (there wasn’t) and then after that, we would go to JCpenney ( Yeah I’m gonna say this right now that I was going crazy by now). We were able to get some clothing for me, my brother, and my older brother. When we went to Sears, my parents say that there was nothing good and we should now get going to JCpenney. Well, probably a minute went by past the mall and we were at JCpenney. We all shopped for clothing at fist going through the various sections and look for long. After a while I lost my mom and guess who had to find her (if it isn’t obvious, it was me). After we had finished what seemed like an eternity, I was in line for the first time. I waited ten minutes and we were done. We went upstairs looking for my mother once again. When we found her she picked out most of everything and after 5 minutes, I went in line again (and oh boy, do thing turn from here). I was in that line for at least an hour next to some housewives talking to each other. After about 20 more minutes, my parents were at the front of the line and they bought me a drink.

It was “GREAT.”