Strangest Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy Theories are hypotheses that certain objects, people, or groups are connected to weird or abnormal events. Many people today make Conspiracy Theories on modern day culture and what they think about strange events. Some of these theories are not probable and are very strange. Here is a list of some of these crazy conspiracy theories people have created:

1. Katy Perry is Jon Benet Ramsey

This conspiracy states that Jon Benet Ramsey, a child who was a victim of a strange case that resulted in her death is actually Katy Perry. People believe that Jon Benet´s murder was secretly hidden by her family until she was finally grown up. Her parents created her into a celebrity and changed her name to conceal the truth about her. This conspiracy theory is outrageous and in my opinion, can not be possible. Jon Benet Ramsey´s case is a mystery that was never solved and the killer was never found. Katy Perry has had many documentaries about her life that shows she has had a normal childhood that has never been related to the case of Jon Benet Ramsey.

2. Avril Lavigne Died and Has Had a Doppelganger Replace Her

This conspiracy theory states that Avril Lavigne, a very popular singer in the 2000´s died and was replaced. During the peak of Avril´s career she committed suicide because of family related issues. The record company she was signed with saw how her career was growing and could not let her music go. The record company found a people who looks exactly like Avril Lavigne and said that it was her. There is no source that has said this was true or probable. In my opinion, I find this conspiracy theory impossible and outrageous. There have been other pop stars who have died and their death was released publicly. Why would Avril Lavigne be the only pop singer who was replaced because her family was growing.

3. Britney Spears is a clone

This conspiracy theory states that Britney spears has died and had a clone replace her. This is closely related to the last crazy conspiracy theory of Avril Lavigne. According to this theory, Britney Spears was in a life threatening car accident and got seriously injured. She was taken to the hospital and later died there from the burns she got from the accident. Like Avril Lavigne, her record company could not let her career lose popularity so they got a clone of Britney Spears. This conspiracy is insane but might not be impossible, Britney Spears´ career gained her millions of dollars and I would not be surprised if the money was used to continue her career. But, this conspiracy also is defying modern science because clones can not be created.

In conclusion, these conspiracy theories are crazy and might not be all that true as they appear to be. Do not trust every conspiracy theory you hear and make your opinion on the claim heard. Not all conspiracy theories are this insane and some might actually be true.

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Strangest Conspiracy Theories