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The Plot of Kingdom Hearts part.1

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Kingdom hearts is a an amazing game that is loved by many. Although it is amazing, the  plot line of kingdom hearts is extremely difficult to understand even if you’ve played the game multiple times. I will be trying to explain the plot so it is much easier for Kingdom Hearts players to understand.

  The story starts off with the main character Sora. Sora is helping his two best friends Riku and Kairi build a boat to leave the island they live on. While Sora prepares, he makes a stop at his and Kairi’s secret cave behind the waterfall. Before he leaves, a strange man in a black coat stops Sora and says that the darkness is coming. Sora left the cave very creeped out and confused. After Sora helps prepare by getting wood, water and food, Riku picks on Sora about sharing a paopu fruit with Kairi since he knows that Sora loves Kairi. Sora and Riku have a race to settle it all. If you play as Sora and win, you get to share the paopu fruit with Kairi. If Riku beats you, you still get to share the paopu fruit with Kairi because he really doesn’t care. Once all of that is over, the three go over to their hang out spot and discuss what they would do if they had an opportunity to go to another world. Kairi and Sora said that they don’t exactly know what they would do. Riku said he’d take as much advantage of it as he could. Soon after the talk everyone had went home to sleep.

Sora wakes up in the middle of the night to a storm. He sees these monsters form out of the ground into these dark shadow like creatures with glowing yellow eyes. He sprints out of his home to the boat with his trusty wooden sword. As Sora tries to fight them off, he soon realizes that his dull wooden blade did nothing to the monstrous shadow. As Sora rushed through the hoard of monsters he had made it to his hang out spot only to see a colossal monster with a heart missing in the center of his body. Sora was scared out of his mind until a blade in the shape of a key had appeared in his hand. For some reason the shadows were attracted to it. From that moment Sora had looked at his blade and knew at that moment his life was on the line.

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The Plot of Kingdom Hearts part.1