Haunted Attractions In California

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Love Watching scary movies that you want to explore a hunted and creepy place? Well if you ever feel adventurous, I got you with a list of hunted places to go to. These hunted attractions are located all around California . Many people claim that they experience paranormal activity when visiting. They  are usually open throughout the day, so no need to worry going at a specific time. These places can give you goosebumps and make you scared. If you don’t enjoy being sacred I don’t recommend you to go to these attractions. Here are some of  hunted places to go visit that are all around the world.

Many people claim that Queen Mary is hunted and one of the most scariest places in America. Queen Mary is located in Long Beach, California. It claims to be haunted because there has been  reports about how of shadows and people seeing how they died. One of the most common is in the engine room where you can see a “lady in white” and children all around her. This is totally a must to go visit not only because it was nominated as one of the most hunted place it is because you can buy tickets and visit it at night for a good price. You must go to Queen Mary.

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“Top ten Hunted Places in America,” totally a must to visit and stay the night.

Hotel Cecil is known for its history. This hotel is located in Downtown Los Angeles. In this hotel there has been multiple deaths and suicides that have left you in mystery. Also a film series American Horror Story filmed in this hotel that is full of death. You probably have heard of the death of Elisa Lam and many others. IF you don’t know what happened, here’s the story. There was 21 year old woman from Vancouver in this hotel that has been staying there for days. Elisa was going on the elevator like normal, and pressing the button to go to a floor. The elevator did not shut and Elisa stepped outside to see if any was there, and suddenly it seemed like she was talking to somebody, but it did not appear on camera. After a while Elisa disappeared and after her body was founded in a water tank. Many people claim that this hotel is cursed and hunted due to its strangest deaths. This place is completely free to go visit and is extremely gives you goosebumps. 

I DARE YOU to WATCH the elevator footage FULLY! Here is the the link if https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQcTuTXpj3c

Alcatraz is really scary and a perfect place to go visit if you enjoy getting the chills. Alcatraz is a island that is San Francisco and a prison is located in the island. This island is really small that only the prison is on it. Many people say and even magnetizes that it is one of the most hunted places to go visit.  This place is also known for its mysterious appendice in people and its history. The prison closed down in 1963 and is up for visiting   this attraction. Many people claim that they see shadows and see dungeon cells being closed and open. This place is a total must if you are in vaction. This place will tatally give you a bunch of chills.
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Haunted Attractions In California