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At the Topanga mall there is a skating store called Boarders. It is located on the second floor next to Macy’s.  When you walk in there will be two shoe racks at the entrance so that you can see the popular shoes they have in stock. After that there is a bench with a Rip n’Dip alien siting down on it. It is one of the most popular places at the mall to take a picture.

After you pass the bench there is the clothing section where there is usually a worker that greets you and says “Hi welcome.” There are two side at the clothing section, On the left side there is the a girls side and on the right there is the guys clothing section. The guys section is a lot bigger than the girls side because it takes up half of the store. All the clothes are put in to small sections depending on the brand. Halfway in to the store across from the guy section there is the counter and the register where you go to pay.

When you pass the clothing section and the registers you are at the shoe section. At the shoe section, you can find all different kinds of shoe brands. Some of the brands they have there are: Nike, Emerica, Huf, Vans, Adidas, and more. Across from the shoe section is a fitting room so that you can try on new clothing.

When you pass the shoe section and the fitting rooms you’ll be at the snowboarding section of the store. There are all different types of snowboarding clothing and snowboards. Some of the snowboarding clothing brands they sell are: Burton, Dunmore, and Backwood. The snowboard brands they have there are: Burton, Capita, and Lib tech. All the snowboard prices range from three hundred fifty to about six hundred.

After the snowboarding section you get to the end of the Store where you can build a skateboard. At the skateboard build there are all different kinds of boards. There are different sizes ,different designs ,and different brands. The sizes can be 7.5 all the way to 9.0 . And the designs depend on which kind of skateboard brand you are getting. Some of the skateboard brands there are there are: Chocolate, Skate Mafia, Rip n Dip, Krooked and many more. They also sell hardware, bearings, trucks and griptape so that you can build a complete skateboard. That is the whole boarders store at the Topanga mall.

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