Top 5 most expensive desserts

Desserts are a favorite to many people. Some desserts are healthy and while other aren’t as healthy as others. Some are cheaper then others and some you can see the price differences.

The first dessert is the famous doughnut. But this doughnut has a twist on it. The doughnut has 24 gold karat leafs. The person who made this is named Bjorn Delacruz. You can find this doughnut in the Manila Social Club restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn. For a dozen of these fascinating doughnuts is 1000 dollars. The reason is because he puts a lot of time into what he does and uses a lot of very pricey ingredients. The ingredients are pâte à choux, purple frosting with crystal jelly.

The second dessert is a Golden Opulence Sundae. This sundae is made In New York city in a shop called Seredipity.  The shop Serendipity sells their ice cream for 1000 dollars. The reason behind this is because they use is over the top ingredients that are very pricey. The ingredients are Tahitian vanilla ice cream, 23 karat gold leaf, Amedei Porcelana chocolate, gold coated almonds, pieces of Venezuelan Chuao chocolate, candied fruit from Paris, Sweet Grand Passion Caviar infused with passion fruit, orange Armagnac, and its all served in a crystal goblet.

The third dessert is a Platinum wedding cake. This cake is in Japan, and was created by Japanese pastry chef named Nobue Ikara. He made this stunning creation for the Platinum Guild International to be showcased to encourage people to but platinum jewelry. The cake is worth 130,000 dollars. The cake is like an ordinary white elegant cake, except it has platinum flakes on it to boost the price. Another reason why its so expensive is because its covered in a lot of expensive platinum jewelry.

The fourth dessert is the Sultan’s golden cake. This cake costs 1,000 dollars and it takes 72 hours to prepare. The very expensive ingredients used to make this cake are debauched desserts of figs, apricots, pears, and quince that was marinated in Jamacian rum for at least two years. The cake also includes an infusion of rare French Polynesian ice cream, a topping of caramalized black truffles, and a coating of 24 karat edible gold flakes. You can get this dessert at the five star Ciragan Palace hotel.

The last dessert is another expensive doughnut from Krispy Kreme called ” Krispy Kreme Luxe doughnut”. This doughnut is made with vintage 2002 Dom Perignon champagne jelly and with gold dusted Belgian chocolate flower and edible diamonds. The doughnut took 3 days to assemble and at the end they added raspberry and Chateau d’Yerquem creme with passion fruit glazing and a 24 karat leaf topping. The doughnut is worth 1,000 pounds in the UK. Even though this might seem a lot it is going to a good cause. Half of the profit goes to the UK Children’s Trust charity. The charity is helping kids with brain injuries.

Some desserts are good and have a good price while others might look good but not have a good price. So try to stick with simple things.