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Killer In The Room 5

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When Sara approached the man he turned away and walked outside. When Sara followed the man outside she all of a sudden couldn’t find him. Sara walked all around the coffee shop looking for the man. Then she heard foot steps crunching on the rocks. She turned around and BOOM! She got punched straight in the face.

Many hours later, Sara got up and tried to go back into the coffee shop. But it was locked. She then wondered where Sam went. She then walked over to her car and when she got in she noticed a note on her windshield. It said “See you at the party tonight.” Sara threw it on the ground and yelled “I AM DONE WITH THIS KILLER!!”

When Sara was getting ready for the party she snuck into her dad’s room and took the knife out of his closet. She then realized that when she was younger her dad had told her, “Honey whatever you do don’t touch this knife because it was my dads and has been through a lot. It can also hurt you and I don’t want you getting hurt.” Sara put the knife down and went into the kitchen and just got a big kitchen knife.

Sara got all ready for the party with her mask on and got into her car and drove toward the location that the invitation said. When Sara got closer to the party she noticed that she was heading toward the middle of nowhere. When she finally got there the building looked ran down and abandoned but when she got in there there were so many people there and music bumping. Everyone was wearing masks so she couldn’t see who any of the people were. She got worried and went to the bathroom. She walked up the stairs because the building was huge and saw a sign that said “Restrooms.” She walked in that direction and saw that the light in the bathroom was flickering on and off. When she walked into the bathroom the light turned on and got really bright. She noticed that there was some blood on the ground near the sink.

She finished going to the bathroom washed her hands and walked out. When she got out of the bathroom, she noticed that somebody was standing at the end of the hall with a mask on and a knife. Then Sara ran for her life. The masked person chased her up and down the stairs through the halls and in and out of rooms. Sara could not tell if it was a guy or a girl because the person was wearing a hoodie. She ran down some stairs and then soon found the main party area. Sara asked many many people if they were her friends and many of them sad no but she finally found someone that said they were friends with her. When the girl took her mask off it was Sam. Then her and Sam ran outside.

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Killer In The Room 5