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Stay With Me – Part 2

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Part 2 of the Stay With Me series….

“Jasmine!?” My mom yelled from downstairs.

“YES!?” I yelled back.

“Come downstairs!?”


“Because dinner is ready!” Oh. I open my drawer and stuff my notebook inside. Then, I lock my drawer. It’s just for my secret stuff. I had it in my old room and I usually put my Halloween candy in there.

“JASMINE! Get down here right now!”

“Coming!” I run downstairs and sit down in my chair. I looked over to where Maddy was sitting and she rolled her eyes at me. Seriously? If I had a quarter for every time she rolled her eyes at me, I would be rich right now.

“What’s for dinner?” I ask.

“Salmon with rice,” my dad said back. Not again. We had this 2 days ago. UGH. It’s like the only thing he knows how to cook. He puts the plate on the table and sits down. We eat in peace.

Dear Diary,

Today, Maddy rolled her eyes at me, for the 1,000,000,000th time! I really do feel like she hates me, but I have no idea why. I did nothing wrong to her. I try to be as nice as I can, but she still hates me. Addy and Ally told me that she’s just jealous of me. What could she be jealous about though? I mean she’s pretty and popular at school, what is she jealous about? Dylan told me it was because I was very pretty, could sing, play guitar, and (apparently) the favorite child. Well, I guess that’s all I have to say.

~Jasmine <3

“Jasmine, can you go get Maddy?” my mom asked.


“Because she needs to do her chores.”

“Fine,” I say walking away. I feel like my mom just wants Maddy to like me and I do want her to like me too, but I mean it’s getting very annoying. My mom calls me for the littlest things like go get Maddy and tell her that I need to say hi to her. It’s really annoying. I walk into Maddy’s room.

“How many times do I have to tell you to get out of my room?!”

“I’m sorry! Mom wants you downstairs,” I said. She really needs to control her anger.

“Tell her I’ll be right down,” Maddy said, calmly. I walk back to my room. Wow. I guess she can be nice (most of the time) and I think I’m gonna try to get on her good side.

“MOM! SHE’LL BE RIGHT THERE!” I yelled, keeping my eyes on Maddy.

“Can you please leave now?”


Dear Diary, 

It’s Maddy again. Do you know how annoying younger STEP- sisters are? Jasmine is soo annoying. She keeps coming in my room and asking me question. Like please leave! I think that she wants me to like her as a sister, but I just can’t do that. She is too perfect and there’s soo much to hate about her. She sings better than I do, she’s prettier than I am, she’s better at guitar than I am, and mom and dad like her more than they like me. I really have tried to like her, but I hate everything about her. Oh, I have to go now. 

                                                                   ~Maddy :C

“MADDY!?” I heard my mom yell.

“I’ll be there in a minute!” I heard Maddy yell back.

“Can you please come right now!?” my mom yelled back. I heard a door slam and loud footsteps walking down the stairs. Then I heard low voices. I decided this was the time to do it. For the pass couple of days, I’ve heard and seen Maddy on her computer a lot and I think that she’s either writing a diary or a blog. I have to find out or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. I sneak into Maddy’s room and grab her computer. I sneaked back out of her and ran straight into my room. I looked at the screen of her computer (which she, fortunately, left open) and I saw that she did have a diary. I stopped for a minute and thought to myself. Maybe I’m invading her privacy.

Who cares! I started reading all of her diary entries and the first one was written the day after I arrived at the house. An hour later and I finished reading 20 entries and there were 21 entries.

“JASMINE?!” I heard someone say my name. Oh no. I grabbed my phone and snapped a quick picture of the last entry and closed the computer. I ran out of my room and just as I got to the stairs, I felt the computer slipping. Then, it fell out of my hand and I heard a loud slam. I looked at the bottom floor and saw pieces of Maddy’s computer scattered all over.

“JASMINE!!!!” I looked over to my right and saw a flaming red face. That face belonged to Maddy.

(To Be Continued…)

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Stay With Me – Part 2