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The Rant: Teacher Part I

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I will be starting a new series about ranting about things in life. Here is my first one.


A teacher, that shall not be named, is well quite something. I would express her as very rude. Today we got our progress reports. I was well, annoyed. I see 2 U’s in my class. I see one in cooperation which okay, I understand but then I see one in work habits. I thought to myself, “I have an A in this class, how do I get a U in work habits if I have an A.” I began talking to other people in my advisory who had the same teacher. They said they got all S’s. I was confused, some of the best people in the class got an S, In both categories! Everyone was very mad.

I was very pissed off and the entire class time I ranted to everyone about it. It was now first period and I was anxious about it. I left early to go the awards. During the awards I continued to throw my problems at everyone else. Some people agreed. “You can’t have an A U U. That’s pretty dumb,” multiple people said. I ranted to everyone in my friend group, and they agreed.

Now it was the period where I had this teacher. I went up to them and asked “Why do I have a U?” She responded with “Honey, honey just… just you and… just go inside.” I walked inside as I rolled my eyes. Honestly I thought this was really dumb. She just hates me. Whenever I go to throw something away she is like sit down honey. When another person does it, she just look at them then lets them go. Also she never answers my questions. I talk to people because I’m asking people for help. When I raise my hand, she just says “Ask me after class.” Even when the question is about something that we turn in at the end of class. So we won’t know. Since she never answers my questions, I’m forced to ask people to raise their hand so they can ask the question I had.

She says other things that make no sense and she assigned the wrong project to us. Six days later, she comes back and says “Oops, wrong project” She gives us a new project and doesn’t even consider giving us extra days until the last few days come around, and she only gave 3! Now after school I’m going with my friend to her class to actually ask her to give me a valid reason for why she gave me a U in Work Habits. I mean does a A U U sound right to you? I don’t think so.

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  1. Alex Grigorian on November 13th, 2017 11:03 am

    Yeah good job


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