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Whispers: Part 10

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Previously on Whispers Part 11: “I’ll explain it all. It’s quite complicated really… So many things you don’t know.” I allowed myself into her arms. The touch? I’d say… gentle and warm. Am I dreaming? The smell? I’d say… the scent of a mother. She’s right here. The taste? I’d say… the lump in my throat. She’s alive. The sound? I’d say… silence. It’s really her. The sight? I’d say… her. Strong was what we tried to be.  But alas, a single tear fell from each of us.


We walked quietly into the forest. “Deja vu,” Ally murmured. No one answered.

No doubt the air was tense. Jamie still looked pale, Gram looked nervous, Ally looked confused, the mysterious guy looked annoyed, and the sound of my pulse seemed to magnify. The only one composed was my mom. She seemed strangely calm as she walked ahead of us.

All of a sudden, she stopped promptly. One by one, we all bumped into eachother like dominos. Except for the mysterious guy, his reflexes seemed to be incredibly fast. “Shh,” came my mother’s voice.

Walking through the forest were two middle aged women. They dressed similar to my mother, but in a more overdone style. “The’re both dressed in red… Is there some sort of class?” came Jamie’s voice in my head. I had almost forgotten. We hid behind a huge tree and a fence of bushes, listening closely.

“I believe he has arrived by now,” came the first woman. “I always had my suspicions of Madelyn,” came the second. “I doubt they’ll last long. Risking the lives of us villagers.” “I doubt they’ll last at all.” They both laughed wickedly. “See you in the meeting. I have some things to catch up with…” “Oh? Is Adam alright?” They looked at eachother intently. As if trying to see through their dry, wrinkly skins.

“Good day Betty.” “Good day Eleanor.” They stormed off and parted.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Yet I soon realized my laugh was not the only one. I looked at Ally, who looked at me. We quickly looked away.

“Alright, sit.” Cautiously, we all took a seat, and listened attentively to my mother.

“Madelyn, we’re running out of time. Someone can catch us here,” came the unknown man. “They need to know the truth before.” “Before what?” I asked. I felt a rush of disappointment.

“Am I the only one here who still thinks this is crazy? I mean, why are you guys wearing that?” She paused. “Can I get a dress like that too?” My mother smiled. “Of course.” She stroked her hair.

How does she get along with everyone else?!

“As you all kn0w, I am Leon’s mother. When Leon was young, I used to take him to the forest.” “But why?” Ally asked. “I conducted research in the forest,” “Ooh, what kind?” Gram asked.

My mother chuckled, whereas the unknown man scowled.

“I investigated the web of interactions among species, land use and management, ecocsystem dynamics and processes, and emerging threats.

One day, I was observing an animal, when Leon had run off. I was worried, and searched everywhere. After half an hour of looking for him, I found him sitting down. I looked at his hands, and he seemed to be playing with a music box. 

Although beautiful, I felt uneasy about opening it. So, I took it and showed it to Leon’s father. We had both become curious about it. We saw it as a fun experiment.” She bit her lip and sighed.

“We returned to the forest the next few weeks, and studied the place in which Leon had found it. It was incredible.” Her eyes suddenly brightened with excitement. The ground below was a labyrinth of passages full of this mysterious substance.

They  were like rapidly growin groots. I took some Ph tests of the ground water. It was mixed with this highly toxic acidic substance. Yet it carried a posotive substance that balanced the quantity of the acid.

I had thought this to be regular minerals, but I soon found out it was not. And even more perplexing, it was tolerant of the acid. And if the smallest quantity of acid tried to spread over its boundary, the mineral- like substance would eliminate it.

Althoug I spent many nights researching, the substance remained unknown and mysterious. And I did not dare share this with any of my colleagues.

On the faithful day, I had returned to the forest with Leon’s father to show him my discoveries. I had brought along all of our resources in my knapsack, including the music box. On our way, Leon’s father spotted something in the fafr end corner of our working area.

We had gone to get a closer look, and soon found the mirror. It was quite a sight indeed. Especially for your father. He had been captivated by the mirror, and had gotten close… a little too close. Yet I had not reacted the same. I kept calling his name, shaking him, pulling him away.”

Jamie, Gram, Ally, and I exchanged nervous glances.

“Finally, I had beome desperate. I lunged at him, yet I somehow missed. I punched him, but somehow missed as well. It’s as if there was a force protecting him from my attempts. At this point, I had become worried. He had put his hand on the mirror.

Finally, the music box fell from the bag, and had popped open. A lovely tune began to play. A tune in which had woken him up. I was so thankful. As I wrapped him in my arms, I had come to a realization.

The force transmitting, reflecting, or however else so, had reacted the same as the acidic acid.”

“And the music box had acted as the undefined minerals,” I say. “Meaning that they both must contain the same substance!”

Gram patted me on the back with a big grin. “Hehe, take that Ms. Dolle!!”

Ally cleared her throat. I watched as my mother had gone to a tree, and leaned against it. She held the staff in her hands, looking out in the distance.

“And at that minute I had been surrounded by rapid winds, encircling me. I had gone dizzy, and couldn’t breathe. Then, I couldn’t see. I had lost all my senses. It’s as if I were no longer there. Yet I opened my eyes, and the last thing I saw were his eyes.

I then felt thick air. A heavy gelatin-like mist. And I landed myself here.”

“What exactly is here?” Gram asked, looking around him. “This is a small medieval town for wanderers with a fate connecting with the mirror. They all have a different stories, or they ended up the same as me.

Although, you can only live in this town for a limited period of time. Then, you are stransferred to an unknown location. But the gossip here suppoedly says it is a place of cold and isolation. A place in which you loose will and motivation. Where you are merely a voice.”

“A whisper,” Gram, Jamie, Ally, and I say. We shift and fidget nervously in our seats.

“Although, me and Corlin recently found a place, in which we can communicate through the mirror. Therefore, there just may be a possibility in which we can escape from this place. We just need-”

“Madelyn,” the unknown man said sternly. Although, I’m guessing his name is Corlin.

“Right… Well, after much research and gossip, you have opened the portal. With the key, the music box. Now, there is a meeting being held with council. And they never meet. I think there is something darker going on.

The hoarse male whisper you’ve been hearing-” “Muck,” Jamie corrected. “Er- Muck… Ever since you opened the music box, strange things have been happening. Yet, when I opened it, nothing unusual happened.

“Madelyn, they’re coming,” Corlin said too loudly.

“We have to take you guys to the council. Or else, they’ll come for you,” mom said.

“Let’s go,” Corlin told the others. Following Corlin, they walked in a strict fashion.

I began to walk when my mom grabbed my arm. She pulled me behind the trees where the others couldn’t see.

“Mom?” I ask, frightened. Not even now could I say a brilliant joke of mine.

“Leon, whatever you do…

Don’t tell anyone you can communicate with Jamie in your head.”

Her grip grew stronger. I could see the fear in her eyes.

“No one.”

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