Sugar Research

How does sugar affect our bodies?
Did you know how much sugar affects our lives and makes us unhealthy.  When you eat sugar your brain kicks of a chemical reaction called Dopamine which makes you want more sugar.  You will get really energized and then after a while you will feel so drowsy.  Sugar can cause tooth decay in children and adults.  When you drink soda mouth bacteria makes acid that eats away the enamel, or hard part of your teeth.  Sugar not only causes dopamine and tooth decay it leads to weight  gain.  Which after a while your pancreas will overload and make you get diabetes.  Sugar gives you empty calories with no nutrients!  Now that you’ve learned how sugar affects our bodies, let’s learn where it is in our diet.

Where is sugar in our diet?
Sugar is not only in obvious places like candy and ice cream.  Sugar is now being put in yogurt and crackers to pasta sauce and peanut butter.  There are many ways people hide the amount of sugar there is in a food.  If there is something that has sugar in the top of the ingredients list then it has a very high amount of sugar.  If there is something that ends with ose it means sugar like fructose, glucose, dextrose, sucrose, maltose, and lactose.  But there is also a healthy kind of sugar that is in fruits and milk.  That is called natural occurring sugar.  This kind of sugar is not bad for our bodies.  Now that you know how sugar affects our bodies and where it is in your diet let’s see how we can make healthier food choices.  

How can kids make healthier food choices?
There is a special amount of sugar a child should have in a day.  Kids should only have 4g’s of sugar in a day to stay healthy.  There are many ways to avoid sugar.  One way to avoid sugar is looking very carefully at the nutrition facts label and ingredients.  The final thing you need to know about sugar is important.  You’re allowed to have sugar but don’t eat it all the time.  I hope what I told you will make you have a healthier diet and make you think more about what you’re eating.

I have done research of sugar in many of my classes and this is a combination of all the research I have looked at. Hope you enjoyed