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A Kind Word on Fallout 4

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So I’ve been playing Fallout 4 lately and it has been very fun. Well I’ll tell in my opinion why it is a fun game, what it is about, and how to keep it fun.

So Fallout 4 was released on November 10th, 2015 by Bethesda game studios. It is an action, story, and puzzle (just a little bit of puzzle). It was released on Ps4, xbox, and PC. The game has a good balance to story, other quests, and just freeroaming. The game is a single player only experience.

The reason this is a fun game is because it provides a mixture of challenge and an easy experience. What I mean by this is that at some time is that sometimes is that you start with the game being challenging, then mid-game it is less challenging, and end game it is easy but challenging depending on your gear and your health (I would explain the health system, but it would get complicated, but then I may reach the 400 word count so let us begin). The health system works as follows. You have health and radiation. Health of course is good but radiation is bad and could cause death if it reaches zero. To replenish your health, eat food, use first aid (also known as a stimpak), or visit a doctor. To cure radiation, you use first aids( such as rad-x  and radaway) and go to a doctor. It should be noted that some food can give you radiation. Another reason that the game is fun is the weapons that you could use. One of the weapons that you could use is a cannon that you could hold (why is this cool? Your holding a cannon, that is all). You also have a weapon that would remind you of OO7 because of the style and sound. Another weapon you could use is a weapon that freezes your opponents.

So with the game being fun, how could you stop playing it? Well you could just keep playing the game and only play this game and the games gets boring after sometime and you stop playing it, just like that. An easy way is to just play different games such as minecraft or Uncharted (any of the games I guess). You could also take a break and go outside or go play a sport so you spend your time on something else.

Fallout 4 is a good game and I recommend you play it.

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A Kind Word on Fallout 4