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Lamar and his magical stick

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Once a upon time there was a boy named Lamar. He was 11 years old and he was in 5th grade the school. He also went to a school was called Justice st elementary. Lamar had a lot of friends. Lamar was walking home and he saw a weird stick and it stared to move so Lamar walked to the stick and it flew in the air. The stick asked “what is your name?” Lamar said “His name is Lamar,” and the stick said “hi Lamar.”

Lamar was a little scary because a stick was taking to him. The stick asked Lamar if he could go home with him Lamar said “yes.” The stick was happy because he had no friends and Lamar said he would be his friend. It was a 30 minute walk to his home. Lamar had to put the stick in his backpack so his parents wouldn’t see the stick. Lamar and the stick had a lot in common and they like to talk a lot. Lamar and the stick went to bed at 1:00 a.m. They had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning. The stick said he can do Lamar’s homework and chores. Lamar asked what is the sticks name was and he said DJ, Lamar said he liked his name. Lamar asked the stick “how can u talk,” the stick said a wizard put a spell on him and it made him talk and have magic. Lamar asked why did the wizard put a spell on you? The stick said that it was the wizards wand so the wizard wanted to talk to his wand.

Lamar was going to school so his mom drop him off at school and he had his stick friend DJ in this backpack. Lamar showed his friends the stick then everyone like the stick. Lamar Dj’s name to his friend. Lamar had to put the stick away in his backpack So the teacher would not take it away. Then Lamar  said to DJ I need to put u away and he said ok. Five hours later Lamar took out the stick and he was sleeping Lamar said, wake up DJ. Then he woke up DJ was happy to see Lamar. Dj was going to his friends house and his friend was, Jose lived in a two story house. He was very rich. So Lamar liked to go there a lot.

Jose lived far from the school and it was a 20 min drive to get there. When they got to Jose’s house they played video games, soccer, and went in the pool. Lamar showed Jose the stick that could talk. Jose was amazed that a stick could talk. Jose asked if he could buy it for 10 million dollars. Lamar said, “I will think about it.” Lamar would give him the stick for 10 million but Lamar said take good care of DJ and he did.



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Lamar and his magical stick