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Run Review (Cool Math Games)

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When there is nothing else to write about in this class, you either do terrible fiction or a stretched out game review. I’m doing the latter. This is a stupid game I only play in this class. It is about a small grey alien running through a tunnel. There is no story, it’s the kind of game you only play in class. To jump you use the space key and move left to right with the left and right arrow keys. The original run has too many levels for me to count. There are at least forty-nine levels, which is how many I have beat. The game is in a two dimensional tunnel with four walls. I just took a break from this article to play some Run. I found out there are fifty levels.

Run 2 is the exact same thing just with a three-dimensional twist on it.  You jump from small structure to small cube structure. The game has some other additions. The first is a bonus that appears in every level. For each bonus you get, you unlock a new level. There is also a second feature which is the addition of a new character. This character has skates. These skates make him very fast, and he can jump very far. The only problem is how hard the character is to control. This makes playing with skates fast-paced and very fun. I do die a lot and get quite frustrated. There are 25 levels that get progressively harder as you go on. I think there are more levels you can unlock by earning more bonuses.

Run 3 is a much bigger game with ten characters, three of which I’ve unlocked. The first is the same normal gray alien who’s decent in all aspects. The second character is the one with skates. He is fast but doesn’t have the jumping skills he had from last game. He still is extremely hard to control. The third character I have unlocked is a lizard-like thing that jumps very high and far. Other than that he’s pretty simple. He runs at a regular speed. But there is one thing that sucks about him. After using this character for a certain amount of time, the character will “fall asleep.” Really it’s going on cool down. One other thing Run 3 introduces is collapsing tiles. When you step on one, all connecting tiles will fall apart.

Overall, the Run games are extremely fun to play, when in class. It has caused me to lose focus quite often in journalism, but I still very much enjoy it.

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Run Review (Cool Math Games)