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Stay With Me – Part 1

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There were many days when my parents actually got along and were happy. This wasn’t one of those days. Today is the day that my mom and I move to my new stepdad’s house. It’s really depressing. My parents went to court last week to file the divorce and now it’s really happening. I hug my dad tightly.

“It’s time to go,” my mom says, not even bothering to look at my dad.

“Bye, dad!” I yell, getting into the car. I started to cry.

“Stop crying, Jasmine. You’re gonna smear your mascara,” my mom says, with a little chuckle. That made me feel better. I try not to think about anything as we drive down the hill to see my stepdad and step-siblings.

Ding Dong

I’m terrified. I hear voices inside. The door suddenly opens.

“Mary!” someone dude, that was probably my stepdad says. He hugs my mom.

“Hello, John!” my mom says, hugging him back.

“This must be Jasmine!” he says, hugging me too. Wow, I think I’m gonna like him. I love giving hugs.

“I am!” I say with a smile. We go inside and it’s like a palace. Is he a  king? Am I am princess now? Probably not.

“Dad? Who’s at the door?” someone, probably a girl, says from upstairs.

“Your stepmom and step sister!” he yells back. At least 5 kids come downstairs (3 girls and 2 boys). Wow.

“This is Dylan, Ian, Maddy, Addy, and Ally!” my stepdad says excitedly. I swear I saw Maddy roll her eyes at me. My stepdad (lets call him dad from now on) tells me to go upstairs and get my new room organized. I follow his orders.

My room is like an actual mansion. Like a mansion inside a mansion. Even my room has two stories. I get my suitcase from downstairs and fill up my closet. Surprisingly, it only fills up one- third of the closet. Maddy walks into my room.

“Don’t think that dad likes you better, all our rooms are the same,” she says with a hair flip and walks out. What was that about? I continue with what I’m doing. Addy and Ally walk into the room silently and scare me.

“Don’t be scared of Maddy. She’s always jealous of all of us. We are all adopted by the way, well except for Ian and Dylan,” Addy says.

“Yah!” Ally says, not looking up from her phone.

“Are you guys twins?” I ask. They both nod. Well, I’ve never lived with twins before. Hopefully, this won’t be annoying. Like they won’t say the same thing at the same time or like dress like twins.

They leave my room and before I can even walk an inch, Ian and Dylan walk in. You have got to be kidding me. If they keep on walking in on me like this, I’m gonna need a lock on this door.

“Hey,” Dylan said.

“Hi,” I said back, “Are you okay?”

“Not really,” Dylan said. I felt really bad. It was probably my fault. He already had 3 sisters. He probably didn’t want another one. Ian walked over to me.

“Don’t listen to him, he’s the joker of the family,” he said whispering loudly.

“Yeah! HE’S RIGHT!” Dylan said hugging me. OK. This whole family likes hugs. They leave and I finally get some time alone. I close the door and take out my guitar from its beautiful case. I strum the chords until I find what I was looking for. I start to sing. The door suddenly slams open. Seriously?! Why can’t I get some privacy.

“OMG! You have an amazing voice!” Addy and Ally say at the same time. I guess this will get annoying.

“No she doesn’t,” Maddy says not even looking at me.

“You’re just jealous because you can’t sing,” Ally says.

“Ugh!” Maddy pushes Ally out of her way and leaves the room. What was with her? Why did she hate me so much? Ever since I walked into this house, she never said anything nice to me.

“Don’t listen to her,” Addy says, walking out of my room. I put my guitar away and push the case underneath my bed. I walk out of the room and walk across the corridor and into my mom’s room.

“Mom?” I asked. ” Can we talk?”

“Sure, sweetie,” she says patting a part of the bed next to her, ” What’s wrong?”

“I feel like Maddy hates me,” I say, sadly.


“Because since I walked through those doors, she hasn’t said one nice thing to me,” I say, tears in my eyes.

“Aww, sweetie,” my mom said, pulling me towards her, “She’ll warm up to you.” I slightly nod and leave.

As I pass Maddy’s door, I see Maddy on her computer looking up, ‘How to Sing Better.” Wow. Maybe she is just jealous.

Today, I heard Maddy from all the way in my room (her room is all the way on the other side of the house) singing a song (that I don’t know). She’s doing much better than she was yesterday after dinner. Wow. Maybe I could go and help her. I get up from where I was sitting and walk to her room.

“Hey, Maddy!” I say. She looks to where I am, shocked.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, rolling her eyes.

“I heard you singing from my room-”

“YOU DID?” she stood up from her chair, interrupting me.

“Yeah. You weren’t that good, but I could help you.”

“Leave,” she said, pointing to the door. I leave and she slams the door closed. I guess I shouldn’t go to her room anymore or even talk to her. Maybe I shouldn’t even make eye contact with her.

I hear Maddy slam a book (or maybe her computer) on a table. I lean towards the door, listening to what she is doing. I was right, she was on her computer. As she types she says the words, “How to ruin someone’s vocal chords.”


(To Be Continued…)

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