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In Defense of Puns

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Many people have a strong opinion on puns. Most people hate them, because they are, and I quote, “the most obnoxious form of comedy,” but I disagree. Puns are fantastic for creating jokes off the top of your head and are hilarious.

Puns can come in many forms, such as visual puns (pictured right) and vocal puns, such as

I have a great joke about the sky, but it will go right over your head.

When people say “Go home,” or “leave,” after a fabulous, high quality, home grown pun, it is normally a joke, but there are truly people who believe that puns are horrible and deserve to never be said.

I have a problem with these people.

Puns are easy, quick, and effective. Want to lighten the mood? Drop in a quick pun, and you will be able to get a few giggles. Even if the puns are not easily understandable, they still retain their comedy if you have to explain them, and they can be retold in any situation. With most basic jokes, you need to have the right setting and group to have it be successful, but puns can be quickly edited and they will be perfect for anyone.

Another thing is that jokes often need to be properly delivered to be successful. If you want to say a joke, often times, you need to have great delivery, but puns are always simple and easy. You don’t need to have perfect comedic timing to say a pun, just a brain that is good at making connections!

Many people get scared about making up the puns in the first place. However, when it’s the time for a pun, it is the time for a pun, and it will come to  you. One time, I was horsing around with my friends on a Minecraft server, and, if you didn’t know, Minecraft has horses. We were messing around, and making jokes about horses, and I had the perfect idea for a pun: We were horse-rassing the horses.

Now, in context, it doesn’t sound as funny, but that’s how puns are. They are perfect at the right timing, but, when told, even with context, they just sound plain stupid. Then again, most puns are stupid, but funny stupid.

Besides situational puns like that, there are just kind of, push into a conversation puns, or puns that you say when you are supposed to say a joke. Some examples of puns like that are “I worked at the calendar factory, and all I did was take a day off, and they fired me!” or “Did you hear about that guy whose entire left side got cutoff? I hear he’s okay now.” These puns are, in my opinion, less funny, but can still be a good way to ease a conversation if it is getting tense or to just lighten the mood. These ones are also great if you ever need to stall.

Now I know that kinds of jokes are all just dependent on the people, but most people just write puns off as stupid and a waste of time. I’m just trying to say, give them a try. Puns can be hilarious, you just need to put trust in the pun.

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In Defense of Puns