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If guns are banned, will lead to a event a century ago?

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Due to the latest massacre, the Las Vegas shooting. More people want guns to be banned. But this leads to a similar event. One that happen in December, 1917. One that involved liquor and a movement.  A movement called the Temperance movement. Prohibition in the Untied States of America, Now let’s get down to the comparisons. The reason why people see alcohol is bad is because of addiction and violence when they’re drunk. And the general idea that alcohol is bad in certain religions. Now let’s compare with guns, many people think it will be easily to rob a store, kill a person, or create massacres. (like the Las Vegas shooting, Columbine Massacre, and the San Ysidro McDonalds massacre) Pretty drastic differences, right?

Yes, but how the Prohibition in the USA starts in the beginning. Probablyit will have the same effect that if guns are banned. When the 18th amendment was (banning alcohol)  and only 0.5% of it were allowed in drinks.  Crime leaders found a opportunity, that when alcohol demand is high because of the ban. That they can operate outside of the country and get alcohol from some other country.

Then secretly transport it inside the states, finally selling it more than the original. This brought so much wealth to many of the gang leaders. That they can control many vast areas and power. Crime would rise and many people were killed.  Well, why didn’t they get arrested and someone would tell the police? But here’s the key word, power. They can find anyone who ratted them out. When they find him or her, they either bribe or kill him or her. Also when getting alcohol, they can easily hide from local authority. Many were disappointed to find out the amendment didn’t work at all. So popularity drop quickly. Billions of dollars was practically hand over to the crime leaders and the USA lost it because of it.

So in December 5, 1933. The U.S repeal the 18th amendment to legalize alcohol. Though same states, took a little longer. Pretty much the same thing is happening in the war on drugs. But imagine this, when the day comes that guns are banned. History will repeat itself & crime leaders will find the same loophole.

I swear to you, it’ll happen just like this. Some manic will shoot hundreds of people and majority dead. Then after a big movement wanting to get rid of guns succeed. A amendment makes it sure that you can only own a pistol or something like that. People will bring guns from other countries and bring it here. Selling it higher, and making the U.S lose even more money. People will gain power from selling the guns. Massacres will still happen. Popularity will drop, with the gun control party. Finally, the amendment will get rid of and the majority of guns will come back.

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If guns are banned, will lead to a event a century ago?