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Best NFL Mid-Season Trades

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The  NFL season is at the the mid point of the season at week 8 which means the trade deadline is coming up. The trade deadline is on October 31st at 4:00 pm. Many teams are rushing to add talented players before the deadline hits. There is many different players of all positions on the trade  block and some are former pro bowlers. Not all players on the trade block actually got traded.  These are some of the notable players on the trade block.

  1. Jarvis Landry WR, Dolphins
  2. TY Hilton WR, Colts
  3. Jay Ajayi RB, Dolphins
  4. Malcolm Butler CB, Patriots
  5. Jimmy Garappolo QB, Patriots
  6. Duane Brown OT, Texans
  7. Kelvin Benjamin WR, Panthers

I will be talking about how the trades affect each team

Jay Ajayi to Eagles

The Miami Dolphins traded for Pro Bowl running back Jay Ajayi for a 2018 4th round draft pick. Jay Ajayi is a all – star running back in his prime and is only going to get better. Jay Ajayi did get off to a slow start this season but most of the time in Miami, it wasn’t his fault. Here is how the trade helps or hurts each team

Dolphins: Jay Ajayi has been their go to player for the past 2 years. He has been very reliable for them and they would always look to him when they needed a big play the most. There was a rumor that after the 40-0 loss to the Ravens, Jay Ajayi along with other offensive players got into an argument. Jay Ajayi was held to 23 yards that game and it easy to see why he would be frustrated. In my opinion the Dolphins made a very bad trade in this situation. He has been your best player and u give him up for just a 4th round pick !

Eagles: The Eagles have been the best team in the NFL so far this season. The Eagles have had a very good team but needed more help running the ball. LeGarrtte Blount has been their lead back but only had one other running back other then him, but he isn’t that good. The Eagles worked out a great deal to get Ajayi. Blount and Ajayi will give the Eagles a good one two punch in the running game which will make their offense that much better. Ajayi is a big physical runner that also has good speed for his size. I expect them to be the best running back duo in the league and anything else would be a failure because these two players are superstars.

Jimmy Garappolo to 49ers

Jimmy Garappolo got to play two games last year when Tom Brady was suspended, but the two games he played he looked very good. He was thought to be the Patriot’s future quarterback after future hall of famer Tom Brady retires. The 49ers spent the entire day working out a deal for Garappolo. The final deal gives the Patriots the 49er’s 2018 2nd round pick.

49ers: The 49ers have been in the rebuild mode for the past couple of years. The have acquired good young players through the draft and free agency but never had a quarterback that will be the future of their franchise. Now that they have their future quarterback they can add more talent around him and they can potentially have a very good offense when they get more chemistry together. Coach Kyle Shanahan is the right type of coach in my opinion to rebuild this team around Jimmy Garappolo.

Patriots: Tom Brady is at the final stretch of his long career so the Patriots need to have a good backup QB. The Patriots wanted to keep Jimmy Garappolo, but he wanted a long term deal and the Patriots didn’t want to pay him that much money. They recently signed Brian Hoyer to be their backup for now. I expect for the Patriots to draft a QB in this years draft and use him after Tom Brady retires.

Duane Brown to Seahawks

The Seahawks traded a 2018 third round pick and a 2019 second round pick for Duane Brown and a 2018 fifth round pick. Duane Brown is a big offensive tackle that has been the best Texans lineman for a while. He is a very big and reliable lineman and would be a great addition to any team.

Seahawks: This is a huge deal for the Seahawks because they have always struggled to protect Russel Wilson. Since they traded Veteran center Max Unger for Jimmy Graham, the blocking has never been the same. Duane Brown will definitely help this offensive line which will help out the entire offense.

Texans: The Texans offensive line has been below average this entire season. Week 1 they gave up 10 sacks to the Jaguars and they have been downhill since then. Duane Brown is a veteran lineman that has had a great career but has struggled this year. The Texans will have a hard time to replace him and they need to add a new lineman soon from free agency or the draft.

Kelvin Benjamin to Bills

Kelvin Benjamin was traded to the Bills from the Panthers for a second round pick and a third round pick. Kelvin Benjamin is a young pro bowler that is still in his prime years.

Bills: The Bills have been pretty good this season so far. Tyrod Taylor has been leading the offense to big wins so far and the defense is playing well. Adding Kelvin will add another reliable receiver that Tyrod Taylor can throw at.

Panthers: Cam Newton has been throwing the ball to Kelvin Benjamin about 90% of the time. I think the Panthers offense will struggle at the wide receiver position next season and they will need to add another playmaker at that position. Kelvin has been their go to player for a while now and they have to find someone else soon.

It will be interesting to see how all of the players adjust to their new teams and how they will help their teams as well. All of the teams that lost players will have to replace talented players fast.

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