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Kiko Alonso clean hit on Joe Flacco

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When you look at the NFL, there are many teams that have good players. The team with one of the best defensive players is the Miami Dolphins. The linebacker Kiko Alonso is arguably one of the best players on defense and can make clutch plays when needed.

The Dolphins were at home against the Baltimore Ravens when during the third quarter Kiko Alonso landed a hit on Joe Flacco. There was no reason to go to the ground with Joe Flacco during this play and made the wrong decision to add an extra bump at the end of the play. He made a clean hit, but it was still dangerous to the quarterback. He had a great game and made a fumble happen, but they overruled it and called a penalty. The Ravens are great teammates and stood up for Joe Flacco while he was on the ground hurt. The lineman jumped onto Kiko Alonso and nailed his head into the ground. The penalty should have been on the lineman for unsportsmanlike conduct after the play, but Joe Flacco was hurt and the referees realized it was in the heat of the moment when the lineman jumped on Kiko Alonso.

Many people have different opinions on the hit, but my opinion is that it was clean. The quarterback was still in the air sliding down to the ground and Kiko Alonso was already getting ready to tackle him. Kiko Alonso made the right tackle and was going down to the ground to tackle Joe Flacco’s legs and while he was in the air preparing for the tackle Joe Flacco decided to slide and went right into Kiko Alonso. The innocent person in the tackle was Joe Flacco and Kiko Alonso. There is no question about this being a dirty hit because this was as clean as you can get for a tackle on a sliding quarterback. I think that there have been many hits and some of the ones they have called targeting have not been and some they did not call should have been. The linebackers are trained to jump over the player and not go head to head, and as you can tell there are many hits and most of the time a player jumps over the quarterback to avoid hurting them.

When you look at the game overall the Ravens bounced back and won the game showing the Dolphins that they are here to stay and to never mess with there quarterback again or they will beat them the same way they beat them in this game. I will never change my mind on this hit and I know that this tackle will always be in doubt on weather it was a clean or a dirty hit. I know that this was a clean hit and there is no question. I was watching the game and analyzed the play over and over making sure this was the correct decision. Kiko Alonso will always stay the best player on the Dolphins defense and is way better than Cj Mosley. He made the correct decision to make the hit and Joe Flacco could not handle the tackle from the best player on there defense. Joe Flacco should go to the NFL and tell them it was a clean hit and there is no argument about it.

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Kiko Alonso clean hit on Joe Flacco