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The Things I Like and Hate about Halloween

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So Halloween is today and that means free candy, costumes, and parties. But there are also some bad things about Halloween such as bad candy, bad people, and okay costumes.

The good things about Halloween are costumes, candy, and parties. To start, the free candy you get on Halloween is free candy. Sure it could be bad, but it is free candy so you didn’t pay for it and if you don’t like, just throw it away. Another thing that is good about it is that you could see some good costumes that you could tell people put time into. Those costumes that you look at and just get absolutely astonished by the look. You could say that they bought that from a store, which may be true. But if a costume is store bought, then you could add light or sound effects in them that just make the costume that much better. The last good thing about Halloween is that you could go to parties. A regular party can be amazing when the party is done right. Add in some costumes, a few dozens of candy and Halloween movies, then it becomes a party that screams Halloween.

With the good things about Halloween, there are the bad things. One thing being bad candy. The king of bad candy is the Heath bar. I mean it is kinda like they took broccoli and some pea and combined them and made it into a chocolate. In simple words, it is bad. The next bad thing is when you have those neighbors that give you an certain amount of candy when you have a bad or no costume at all. In my neighborhood, no costume is one piece of candy, a okay costume is two pieces of candy, and a good costumes is three pieces. So for one, it was kinda mocking kids who couldn’t get a costume. I mean it is like you think someone who doesn’t have a costume= someone who has no spirit… no that is wrong, that just means that they’re parents can’t buy them a costume and you are making them feel bad for it. This is bad when combined with the first thing because you first get one piece of candy and then you probably get a heath bar for that piece of candy. The last thing is when you see an okay costume. What I mean by an okay costume is when there is just no effort and it looks like some pieces of cloth all in one piece of clothing.

These are thing that rather bug me or I like about Halloween.

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The Things I Like and Hate about Halloween