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We asked Mrs.Santi a series of  questions and we couldn’t believe the answers. Let’s talk about it. First we asked her some questions that only she knows. We asked how many students we have at Hale, There are exactly 1,988 kids at hale right now. We asked Mrs. Santi if we were going to have the smarter balance test and she said yes, we will have it until the state tells us otherwise.

Even though Mrs.Santi has been here for only 2 years she knows a lot about Hale. There are many things she has done for us and a lot of things she can do for us. She is there if we need to talk to someone or if you need to get books like a class set and she can help you with a lot more. She is in charge of special education, attendance, 8th grade culmination, back to school night and clubs at this school. Next time you see her walking around campus say hi or maybe thank her for all the things she has done for this school.