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How I live my life

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In my family, there are 5 people. Me, Jenna, my mom, Laura, my dad, Joe, my sister, Kayla, and my brother, Branden. We have a pet cat named Alpaccino and a pet dog named Louis. I live in a 2 story house that has a pool in the backyard. I go to Hale Charter Academy and I have many friends there that love me and I love. I’m in seventh grade and my teachers are Mr. Moore, Mr. McCabe, Mrs. Escalante, Mrs. Pollak, Mr. Ratanaphom, Mr. Duke, and Mr. McCabe again. All of my teachers are very kind and they are very easy to understand.

My hobby is dancing. I love to dance because dancing is my passion. Currently, I am taking Contemperary and hip hop. When I am bored, I dance for fun and I put on music to dance to. Mostly all the time, I am on my phone. I am addicted to my phone. Sometimes, my parents yell at me for being on my phone too much. I love hanging out with my friends at each other’s houses, the mall, the movies and many more. We always have so much fun. We laugh so hard at all of our sleepovers.

My favorite food is either sushi or mashed potatoes. My mom makes the best mashed potatoes. For sushi, my favorite place is probably Cho Cho Sun. I love California Rolls from sushi. I also love eating pizza. My favorite pizza topping is plain cheese. I love the color blue, light blue, pastel blue; basically any type of blue. My favorite type of music is pop and rap. Some of my favorite songs are Know no better by Major Lazer, No New Friends by DJ Khaled, and many more.

My favorite clothing store is Brandy Melville. Their clothes are so plain and I love them. They took Brandy Melville out of the mall so now, I buy my Brandy Melville things at Pacsun and Nordstrom. I do not really like dresses or skirts that much. I occasionally wear them on special holidays. I recently had my Bat Mitzvah so I had to wear a really fancy dress and some really fancy shoes. I usually wear leggings or jeans. My all time favorite shoes are Vans. I love Vans more than anyone in this world. I like slip ons and low tops, not too much of high tops. Overall, these are some facts about me and what I do over my free time.



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How I live my life