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Early Pennsylvania

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The Pennsylvania Colony         

The Pennsylvania Colony is a very fascinating topic to learn about. It has many interesting things like Benjamin Franklin, The Native Americans, and the first colonists. Now I will inform you about the Pennsylvania Colony.

The founding of the Pennsylvania Colony

In 1680, Englishman William Penn made an offer to King Charles II. Penn asked to be brought to America. In 1881 there was an advertisement for a settlement in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is founded for religious purposes. By 1710, the colony’s biggest city, Philadelphia was the largest in the American colonies. Most of the settlers were religious.

The Location and Geography of the Pennsylvania Colony

The colony is located in Pennsylvania.The colony belongs to the Middle Colonies. In Pennsylvania there were mountains, coastal plains, and lowlands. In Pennsylvania there were mild climates. 

Current State Info

It is located in Pennsylvania. It is in the Middle Colonies. Pennsylvania has 51 miles of coast along Lake Erie. There are lowlands,mountains,and coastal plains.Pennsylvania has cold winters and hot and muggy summers.

Native American Groups in the Colony

The tribes the Delaware, Susquehannock, the Erie, Monongahela people. The Native Americans had good lives and they had to work a lot for for their families to survive. They had dome shaped and long houses made out of wood. Their clothing was made out of feathers, beads, and leather for, headbands, pants, and other clothes. The Native Americans tried to practice their own religion in the colony but they were either killed or thrown out of the colony.  

Daily Life of Pennsylvania     

A typical city in Colonial  Pennsylvania had 15,000 people. Their houses were made of stone, wood, and stone bricks. The jobs adults of a colonial family had were merchants, ship makers and more. Kids in colonial times went to the colonial school and then their father determined if they go to college. In colonial times people got food by hunting and farming. The natural resources in Pennsylvania were for building was stone, wood, and bricks. For food was plants and animals and for clothes there was cloth, silk, cotton, and leather.

Later History in the Colony

Pennsylvania was a state on December 12, 1787. The main industries of Pennsylvania are Heavy manufacturing, energy producing, and petroleum processing. The population of Pennsylvania (present-day Pennsylvania) is about 12.79 million people. Some facts about Pennsylvania is that the Liberty Bell is there, Hershey chocolates were made there, I love my chocolate, and that Pennsylvania was home to the first computer.

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Early Pennsylvania