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The season is looking fierce. Week 8 is already here and teams are looking very strong. The teams with 3 win are trash and are not looking like they can have a turnaround season. The Raiders and Ravens defiantly are looking like the teams with injuries and can’t make a good season. There have been some shockers in the season and big upsets. This is the time when teams start to separate from each other. The teams with 4 wins are looking like good playoff contenders.

1. Philadelphia Eagles [Seed 1]                                                           1. Pittsburgh Steelers [Seed 1]
2. Minnesota Vikings [Seed 2]                                                            2. Kansas City Chiefs [Seed 2]
3. Los Angeles Rams [Seed 3]                                                             3. New England Patriots [Seed 3]
4. New Orleans Saints [Seed 4]                                                          4. Tennessee Titans [Seed 4]
5. Seattle Seahawks [Seed 5]                                                               5. Buffalo Bills [Seed 5]
6. Green Bay Packers [Seed 6]                                                            6. Miami Dolphins [Seed 6]


Buffalo Bills                                    Seattle Seahawks
Vs.                                                     Vs.
Tennessee Titans                           New Orleans Saints
AFC                                               NFC                                               LOWER SEEDS
New England Patriots                  Los Angeles Rams
Vs.                                                    Vs.
Miami Dolphins                            Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh Steelers                        Philadelphia Eagles
Vs.                                                     Vs.
Bills, Dolphins, or Titans             Seahawks, Packers, or Saints
AFC                                               NFC                                               HIGHER SEEDS
Kansas City Cheifs                        Minnesota Vikings
Vs.                                                    Vs.
Patriots, Titans, or Bills              Rams, Saints, Packers

Week 7 Recap: [NFC ONLY]
[SEED 1] Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Washington Redskins
 The Philadelphia Eagles played the Washington Redskins and Carson Wentz played his best game of the season. The Eagles won the game and now have the best record in the NFL.
[SEED 2] Minnesota Vikings Vs. Baltimore Ravens
The Vikings are looking very dominant and have very good weapons to use. Their running backs are looking unstoppable and going up against a low ranked Ravens defense, they were guaranteed to destroy there run game and get the win.
[SEED 3] Los Angeles Rams Vs. Arizona Cardinals
The Rams are making the epic comeback this season. They are on a 3 game win streak and are looking like one of the most dominant teams in the NFL. They played in London vs. The Cardinals and shut them out and scoring 33 points. The Rams are racking up easy wins and stats. The Rams are heading into there bye week looking stronger and more developed compared to last season.
[SEED 4] New Orleans Saints Vs. Green Bay Packers
The Saints played an injured Packers team. The Saints are a very good team with a legend Quarterback and great offensive weapons. The Saints have a good defense that holds teams to very low stats and points. The Saints got the easy win as they should have.
[SEED 5] Seattle Seahawks Vs. New York Giants
Seattle has a very good team and are looking very strong. The Seahawks are in competition with the Rams to gain the first place spot and will need to use all there powerful weapons against teams to try and jump to first. The Seahawks had an easy game and beat the Giants.
[SEED 6] Green Bay Packers Vs. New Orleans Saints
When you look at the Packers you see a team in desperate need of luck. They one of the best Quarterbacks in the league and may drop out of the sixth spot. They are heading into there bye week on a loss and will need to get Brett Hundley developed into the teams offense to even have a chance.

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