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My favorite Backpacks

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Hay its me again. Back with my favorite stuff to write about. I’ve written about hoodies, shirts, shoes, money guns, and now backpacks. You guys know all the mainstream backpacks. You have your jansports, your  spraygrounds, high sierras, and the higher priced ones like supreme, and bapes. I’m gonna be talking about all of those in this article. Lets get started.

  1. I love ugly Jansport Collaboration ($155): Let me start off by saying something. I do not like jansport, okay? I just don’t like how plain they look. How they could just rip at any point and time. But, I love this backpack. It looks sleek and the color is great. This backpack can fit your laptop, book, and unappreciated tablet. It does it all!Related image

2. Area 51 Sprayground ($80): This will 100% be the most biased review ever. I, love, this backpack. I personally own and have owned a Sprayground backpack for over a year. And I can say that it is worth every penny you pay for it. It looks awesome, it can fit books, laptops, tablets, and a full almost all of your equipment to your gaming setup  (don’t ask). Image result for area 51 sprayground

3. Gucci ‘Mesh Backpack with embroidery’ ($2,290): (Talk about affordable am I right?) Okay, okay I get it, this is super expensive. But this is my top list not yours, so let me tell you about this backpack. This is the single most gorgeous backpack ever. Everything from the mesh to the rainbow UFO on it. It will definitely fit all of your books, laptops (yes laptops, plural because you have a lot if you bought this), and tablets. If you have the money, buy this and don’t show me, or else I will take it when you aren’t looking. Image result for gucci backpack ufo

4. Supreme x Louis Vuitton ($25,000): (Please forgive me) Ha! And you thought the Gucci backpack was expensive. Please! By this time you know that I can find more expensive. And yes, yes, yes, it will in fact fit all of your precious belongings. But, if you have this, you should not be worried about people stealing whats inside of it. I would only wear this to a wedding, instead of a purse. Image result for louis vuitton backpack

5. OFF-WHITE Virgil Abloh Diag camo backpack ($595) There, are you happy? I calmed down with the price. Here is a piece by OFF-WHITE. This is great for wearing on trips, while still looking classy. It would fit all of your belongings. But I would not recommend wearing these last 3 backpacks to school.Related image

Those were my favorite backpacks.

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My favorite Backpacks